First post! I’m really excited to start this up and I hope you enjoy being here as well. As you can see, I have an unhealthy obsession with wings. But no worries, you will find this out soon enough.

I’m a total party animal on Friday nights.

Around a year ago, when I took a break from drinking and was just jumping into training for my second half marathon, I decided to give up drinking on friday nights and stay in so I could manage my long runs on saturday mornings. I LOVE how this has worked out for me. First of all, what better way to start off your saturday but with a butt kicking long distance run? Um, in reality, I think most of my friends shake their heads at me like im crazy or something. Second of all, it makes me feel better about eating even more food on Sunday. (which by the way, Sunday is my rest day, so I obviously need to replenish myself in the form of reeses peanut butter cups, french fries and pizza, thank you.)

My friday nights usually consist of cleaning, carb loading, and listening to vinyl, score!

IMG 2151

Dont hate on the Dirty Dancing vinyl, I know in reality you are super jealous.

So yes, while most people are out and about and being all sorts of social…I take this night as strictly me time. There are exceptions occasionally, i’m not THAT much of a party pooper 🙂


Dinner consisted of, guess what! a BUFFALO CHICKEN salad!

IMG 2153

I hate on myself for paying a ridiculous amount of money for a salad I can easily make at home. Shame on me. oh boy, was it ever delicious. Before you ask, come on, wheres the carbs? Dont worry, I had a hunk of wheat bread on the side.


I also cant live without dessert, and since Kevin so graciously contributed to finishing off my ice cream carton, I had to resort to more creative ways to get my sugar fix.

NUTELLA CROISSANTS, please people, keep the drool down to a minimum

I take a container of the tear and bake croissants and smother some nutella onto it, like so…

IMG 2154

then I roll them up so they look all professional, and by professional I mean looks like my 9 year old cousin rolled these up

IMG 2157

are you READY for the finished product?!…I know nacho was!

IMG 2155

The cats didnt really care, I dont think they care much about anything besides sleeping and eating..what a life

IMG 2156

anddddd VOILA!

IMG 2158


I am sure this is optimal fuel for my 12.5 mile run tomorrow morning. Plus im pretty sure i’ll be earning some brownie points from Kevin when he gets home and sees these on the kitchen table. delicious and easy, thats what i’m talking about.

What do you guys love to do on Friday nights? Do you enjoy those Friday nights where you just get to chillax at home? and more importantly, whats YOUR favorite easy bake dessert to make? Do tell!