Its been pretty chilly the past couple of days, which is great because I truly enjoy this kind of weather for not only running purposes but also bc I love wearing hoodies and boots!

Anyway, I woke up to this, which made me jealous to get out of bed

IMG 2161

I somehow made my way to the kitchen, where my cats preceded to completely frustrate me. They have an automatic water fountain that churns out water for them and theyve somehow figured out that they can pull and scratch at the EXPENSIVE charcoal filters that are inside. bad, bad cats they are

IMG 2160

Despite my frustrations I got ready for my long run and headed out.

IMG 2162

Please excuse the insane clutter on the dressers in our room 🙂

12.5 miles of beautiful, cool fall weather. I know the first day of *official* fall isnt until next week but i’m just too excited. Fall is by far my favorite season, how can anyone hate on a season that is known for beautiful leaves, pumpkin pie, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin beer, oh did I mention PUMPKINS?! Yes, I thought about all these things extensively on my run and it went by rather quickly and smoothly.

I came home feeling incredibly invigorated and ready to start my day

IMG 2165

Um yeah….

After a nice glass of chocolate milk and a hot shower, I felt a lot better.

IMG 2167

And yes, I have an amazing boyfriend who makes me breakfast every saturday after my long runs…one of our (my) favorite traditions, haha.

I didnt take a picture, but he made me a southwest egg beater/pork roll/cheese on a wheat sandwich thin. delicious 🙂

I think i’m ready to start my day. Im not feeling that great, but i’m being cajoled into joining my cousin and our friends for a mexican dinner so i’m sure I will have another exciting post coming at you!


Have a great saturday everyone!!