I’m really close to my family and I have a great group of friends, no joke.


Dino, who is technically not my cousin, hes actually my cousins cousin but we’ve known each other since we were 5 years old so hes like my brother 🙂 Hes one of my best friends in life and hes working on his PHD in biomedical engineering, how amazing is he? He’s basically like a rocket scientist. haha, anyways, he moved out of his parents house into an apartment with his girlfriend in Hoboken. If you arent from Jersey, you still mightve heard of this town. Its basically a stones throw away from living in the city without actually living in the city. Its a really fun town to party in if you live in North Jersey, which is where my parents live so I used to hang out a bit back in the day. I finally got the chance to go and see his new place last night and it was such a NICE place! i’m really happy for him!


Luckily enough, Dino became fast friends with all of my friends so when we all get together its a great time! I went with Nina (my sister), Caroline and her boyfriend Ron to meet up for a Mexican dinner in Hoboken with our friend Dusan and obviously Dino.

This mexican place was great!

IMG 2169

(left to right, me, Dino, Ron)

They had authentic Mexican food and you got to bring your own wine so they could make great sangria!!

IMG 2168

So delicious, is there really anything better then homemade sangria? 🙂

IMG 2170

Nina and my best friend in the WHOLE world, Caroline. Exemplifying what I had said before, Nina hates to be in pictures!

IMG 2172

IMG 2171


Dino was reallllly excited to get his own little bottle of black label 🙂


I got chicken fajitas and they were amazing! they gave you a ridiculous amount of food so I obviously had a LOT left over for sunday!

IMG 2174

I try to eat as well as I can on weekends, really. but sometimes you just need to splurge a little. Plus I had appetite help from our monthly friend, haha. Good thing I ran 12.5 miles this morning right? 🙂

IMG 2176


Dino and Ron fascinated by SOMETHING on our walk back to the car!


It was a great night. I had to force myself to get out, but I’m really glad I did. Nothing is better then good food, good friends and good family 🙂

How was your saturday night? Do you let yourselves get a little relaxed with the eating over the weekend sometimes?

Today is FOOTBALL SUNDAY! I’ll have a post about it a little later on but its seriously the highlight of my week 🙂 YAY FALL!