Sunday is always funday in me and Kevins eyes. Its the only day that he has off all week, so its really the one day that we get to spend some time together. Its great in the fall because we get to watch football together!


Let me backtrack a little, ive only become a football fan in recent years. When I first met Kevin, I was one of those girls who had always wanted to watch football but had no idea how the game worked. When I had watched football, I usually liked to pretend like I knew what was going on but I usually just had ??? over my head. And if a guy tried to explain exactly what was going on, forget about it! I was a poor, lost puppy.

Hes a HUGE Jets fan, like, probably dreamed about football in his diapers kind of boy. He asked me to watch games with him on Sundays and I obliged. I decided I wanted to actually learn more and become a fan of the Jets as well. I read Football for Dummies and finally got a grasp on the game. I was hooked from then on in, and now i LOVE it. I get to bond with the boys and actually get what is going on, yay!


IMG 2177

So we all got up this morning, got into our Jets gear and grabbed some breakfast sandwiches. We had invited people over to watch the game at 1, and were cleaning/baking/cooking machines!

IMG 2178

We made a delicious smores dessert that was recommended by HungryRunnerGirl!!! Um, freaking absolutely delicious.

IMG 2180

Have I raved yet again about how awesome my boyfriend is? Well, he really is. He helped bake, cook and clean, like a champ!


IMG 2182

I’m glad to know Im not the only one with a crazy Hello Kitty obsession 🙂


IMG 2183

Fist pumping, classy to the max.


I made a Buffalo Chicken Dip and it was really good 🙂


Sundays have always been one of those days that I let loose with my eating. So i was able to enjoy alot of different food today. Then I  get right back on track on Monday. Back in the day, when I used to starve myself, I used to binge on Sundays. Thankfully I have a much healthier view of everything now and I would never try to ridiculously overindulge on Sundays. We all have our moments though! 🙂


It was an awesome time today, and the Jets won! Sundays dont get much better then that!


How was your Sunday? Do you watch football at all? Is there anything you tried to jump into because of your significant other?