So today wasnt the typical monday.

As I had mentioned earlier, I was feeling under the weather this morning and had decided to stay home from work.

I woke up and had the most nutritious breakfast I could find in my fridge:


IMG 2210

a little piece of heaven known as the smores bake from yesterday 🙂 I saved some for Kevin…but I swear, this thing is dangerous to have in your fridge.

Me and Kevin went separate ways for bit; I went on a 7 mile run and he went to rip up carpet in his parents house.

IMG 2211

I’m a little in love with my hot pink running socks. They were a little pricey but YAY they are hot pink! (it also came in a pack with neon orange and neon green, i’m pretty obsessed with bright colors). Can I also reiterate again how phenomenal it is to run in cool, fall weather. I zipped through those 7 miles like it was  my job!

I met up with Kevin after my run and we headed back home to have a real meal.

Kevin BBQ’d (yes, its a word, definitely, maybe) us some turkey burgers and chorizo.

IMG 2212


IMG 2213

It was great post-run fuel

IMG 2214

Kevin discovered the wonderfulness that is Kolashanpan in El Salvador. I dont even know how to describe the taste, think orange soda, only the deliciousness x100 and maybe you get close to what Kolashanpan feels like once it hits your taste buds.

Kevin had to go off to work, so I kept myself busy by going to pick up cat food.

IMG 2217

I think Fifa likes it a little bit.

IMG 2220

Nacho has been living with us for a little over a week now and we are still trying to socialize him with the cats. I dont know how well its working considering they like to swat at him and he likes to growl at them. I bought Nacho while I was in college years ago and he lived with me there. When I moved back home, my parents really grew to love him. My whole family really grew to love him. When I originally moved out of my parents house, I was in an apartment with other roommates and our landlord wouldnt allow us to have dogs anyway, so I decided to leave him with my parents, and thats where he was living for the past couple years. Once I moved into this new place, where its just me and Kevin, Kevin suggested that we try out Nacho living with us. I didnt really know how it was going to go. Nacho lives with my sisters cat, but her cat is VERY mild mannered and has no claws. My cats are really rambunctious and sassy. The minute Nacho burst into the door, Dante swiped at his eye and he bled a little so he’s been very wary of them ever since. I’ve kept an eye on them, but i’m not entirely sure if they will ever completely get along. Fingers crossed. All I know is that i’m really happy to have him back with me, I missed him more then I had even known. Kevin also loves him to death, and its a good experience for him because hes never owned a dog before! Its a good learning experience because puppies are so much work. Even though its worth it in the end, its alot of time, patience and money to raise a dog. its like your child!

Its been an interesting day, but now i’m treating myself to my favorite fall beer, and i’m not moving from this couch until bedtime, haha.

IMG 2222

Are there any cat/dog lovers out there? Have you ever had to socialize your cats and dogs? How did it go? More importantly, whats YOUR favorite weather to run in?!