I am so glad my animals really motivate me to be productive when I get home

IMG 2231

IMG 2224


IMG 2223

They really should become motivational speakers, no?

Despite my insanely active animals, I had a great workout today. 5 miles of hills and 25 minutes of weight training.

Weight training, ugh.

I am just not good at getting enough in! I gave up my gym membership at the beginning of this year, because I really wanted to save money and use my work gym. The problem with my work gym was I was forced to work with free weights and a very limited selection of machines. I actually dont mind free weights, but its just weird doing alot of them in a kind of cramped space. I am ashamed to say I only get 1 25-30 minute weight session in a week. This needs to change ASAP, because I already know how important it is to get the weight training in there. Can someone motivate me please?! It just so happens that I will need to sign up for a new gym membership in my town because my company is moving buildings so the gym will be out of commission for a while. AHHH! I’m hoping I get more weights in, and i’m REALLY excited to have spinning classes available to me again 🙂 I miss spinning soooo much!

Dinner was very simple tonight, I was really looking forward to a heaping plate of roasted broccoli with my meal and was traumatized to learn that my broccoli had gone bad a day early! the horror!!!!

IMG 2230

Southwest egg beater omelet with mexican blend cheese inside, topped with a pound of ketchup on a toasted sandwich thin.

IMG 2229

Do you love my hello kitty toaster as much as I do?! Kevin bought it for me as part of my valentines gift this year!

IMG 2227

Side of cherry tomatoes dipped in…

IMG 2228

MMMM so good. I can eat tzatziki like no one else can.

I also have a bowl of ice cream coming my way eventually.

Do you make a super effort to incorporate weight training into your workout schedule? Or do you struggle with it like I do?

Any good suggestions on great moves with free weights? I use alot of kettlebells myself, but i’m always looking for new things to change it up!!

If you have animals, are they as lazy as mine seem to be? 🙂