I woke up, and yes, it was one of those kind of mornings. Dreary outside and it made me totally not want to drag myself out of bed.

I went to go make myself coffee to bring to work, as I always do and found that I couldnt find my coffee thermos. I was perplexed, I convinced myself that there was no way I couldve left it at work on Friday. I grabbed Nacho for his walk, went to check my car, not there. DRATS, now i’d have to stop at starbucks for my coffee, and I was already running late.

I also noticed that my camera battery was dying. It has rechargable batteries, I searched for the charger everywhere, couldnt find it. Obviously, this was not one of those seamless mornings.

I finally got my butt into motion to get into work, and of course, there was traffic. Of courseeee. I finally got into work almost 30 minutes late, fabulous.

But, at least I had some morning coffee, because without it…forget about it, oh gosh.

yes, happyface. I love paying 3.00 for my morning coffee 😦

I got caught up on work. I always make myself breakfast at work, and today, is one of my favorite weird combos.

Behold, the best peanut butter in the world:

Along with my favoritest jelly in the world:

And we have a winning combo. Everything Bagel Flat, one side with light cream cheese and jelly, and the other side with PB and jelly.

I’m lucky enough to have a gym at my job, so sometimes I will workout during lunch, which is what i’m doing today. Todays workout will be 5 miles with some hills involved.

One of my favorite prerun snacks. I’ll have you know I attempted to take a picture with this box, but I think i’m scaring my coworkers, they already think i’m weird enough for taking pictures of my food in my cubicle. 🙂


I also like to massage my right heel with a golf ball under my desk. Its been tender and i’ve been nursing it. Icing it at home, golf ball massages all the time, this baby better be ready for my half next sunday!

I chose not to completely gross you out with a picture of my gorgeous feet being massaged, I figured them in the background is enough. Running has definitely not been good to the physical appearance of my already manly looking feet!

I dont know how often I will be posting pictures of my meals that I have at work on here, maybe when I change it up. Since we are still in the introductions of our relationship, just know that I tend to stick to repetitive meals here at work. It needs to be easy, and it needs to be doable to bring to work or make at work, so i’m a little limited. I try my best not to spend money on takeout here, plus its just healthier bringing my own food to work.

I find it sooooo much easier to keep on track when i’m into my work schedule, does anyone have that same experience? I get copious amounts of water in, I eat exactly what I bring for myself here, and I’ve always stayed away from the ridiculous amount of treats that people bring in for us. I eat enough candy and sweets on my own time, I promise.

So guys, what do you think about Tuesdays in general? I tend to hate them a little less then mondays, but because tuesday is technically my monday this week, I find myself hating it a little bit more 🙂 Does your work environment tempt you with food ALL the time like mine does? What really keeps you on track during the week?