Today, yet another kind of odd day.

I had an issue with my headphone starting yesterday. I bought these skullcandy inkd headphones around a month ago, and yesterday they starting having distorted sound in both sides. At first, I wondered if it was my iPod shuffle. I didnt know what would make me more upset, the fact that I had killed another shuffle, or the fact that my little over a month old headphones were crapping out. (p.s. I had killed my first iPod shuffle after I ran my first half marathon with it in the rain. It crapped out soon after, R.I.P.)

IMG 0489

I decided to do a test and use my old ipod headphones to see if the sound was ok with another pair of headphones, guess what, it was fine! it was the headphones that had crapped out, what the butt?!

IMG 0490

Skullcandy, more like skullBOOTY. I was glad I registered for them, because I think i’m gonna send them back under warranty and just get a new set. I failed to mention when skullcandy asked me what happened that maybe it was the 50 gallons of sweat I produce while wearing them, but shhhhh šŸ™‚

I cant stand these old ipod headphones, they fall out of my ears constantly. Anyone have any suggestions about good ones? I feel like I keep buying cheap ones and they break so easily.

Anyway, I didnt let the crappy headphone situation affect my workout. It was raining, and since I tend to avoid running in the rain, I did 7.5 miles on the treadmill at a 9:40 pace. and yes, my headphones were falling out the entire time.

I might be one of those people that just loves music while she runs…I do, but its not because I cant run necessarily without music. I’ve done it before without and enjoyed it. But I LOVE music and its a great experience to me to play around with different playlists and songs, etc. Oh well, sue me!

My workout was goooood, one of those runs that just flows well.

IMG 0494

Dont worry, after this picture, my iPhone gagged and threw me a towel.

I was STARVING by the time I finally got home. I apologize, I scarfed down the first part of meal before realizing that I didnt take a picture. Just picture a turkey/goat cheese/pepporicini party on a wheat sandwich thin. Delish!

and my personal favorite

IMG 2245

Microwaved sweet potato with light butter and cinnamon….ohhhhhh yeah!!!

My dinner meals are pretty simple for most of the week, me and Kevin have opposite work schedules so its hard cooking for just one!

I see a bowl of ice cream in my future as well, of course of course.

So who is a big fan of running with music?

What kind of device is your weapon of choice? and again, any headphone suggestions would be awesome!!!

Do you like running in the rain or like me, do you tend to resort to the treadmill in times of need?