Behold my lovely late snack last night

Ridiculously good, I promise you wouldnt regret this combination.

I’m dealing with some serious pet issues right now

This time, it has nothing to do with the getting along of my cats and dog, but Fifa is sick (hes the one who just couldnt keep out of this picture)

Yesterday, when I came home to walk Nacho on my lunch, I saw the cat had gotten sick all over the kitchen. Ok, well…cats get sick from time to time, I didnt think anything of it and just cleaned it up. When I got home later, I fed the cats as I always do…and saw Fifa get sick again. I realized he was the culprit, as I wasnt sure which of them had gotten sick in the afternoon. I figured…maybe he was just feeling off yesterday.

I was running late this morning to work, and right as i’m about to leave, Fifa gets sick ALL over the dining room carpet. I felt myself boil up, and shouted at Kevin to clean it up because I was late and freaking out. God bless him for dealing with me half the time.

I felt myself tearing up in the car, it just felt like things have been off this week. But I pulled myself together before I walked into work. Sat down calmly and proceeded to enjoy my morning coffee.

Thank whoever invented coffee

I may or may not have a lazy eye, but I was struggling to smile.

I’ve said before, I tend to be an emotional eater. I would have loved to come into work and eat something completely greasy to deal with my stress levels, but I sipped slowly on my coffee and read through your guys blogs and I felt alot better.

Another completely helpful tool for someone like me, who is a stress eater, and who tends to eat out of boredom as well?

I cant live without my gum. I’m constantly chewing on it to keep myself from mindlessly snacking. I can say without a doubt its been one of my MOST useful tools in weight loss/maintenance. I try to listen to my body and eat when i’m hungry, rather then just snacking whenever I want to shove something in my mouth.

So, deep breaths Theresa, you are going to get through your day. You will fully enjoy your bagel flat with cream cheese and jelly and a banana. You will go at it for an hour on the elliptical today and come out glowing with endorphins. You will enjoy the rest of your day and night because tonight is date night with your wonderful boyfriend.

Sometimes you just need to give yourself a pep talk. Everything will be okay πŸ™‚