Thursday nights are one of the two nights during the week that me and Kevin get to have a date night together. The other is Sunday night but typically its usually Thursday nights that we get together.

Tonight we had a special treat because it was restaurant week in Princeton so we made reservations for Ruth Chris!

IMG 2252

We started off with delicious warm bread and butter

IMG 2253

Kevin had his non-alcoholic beer and I had a glass of Cabernet

IMG 2254

IMG 2255

We moved onto salads, I had mine with balsamic vinagerette

IMG 2256

It was a tough choice from there…Kevin had a filet mignon with shrimp and I had a New York Strip steak…I typically dont eat red meat but once in a while, I really like to have a good steak. I didnt expect mine to come out as big as it did though, I ended up sharing most of it with Kevin ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG 2257

IMG 2259

And we shared sides of garlic mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms

IMG 2258

andddd rounded out the meal with bread pudding that neither of us could finish with espresso

IMG 2260

IMG 2261


Good thing I had that hardcore elliptical workout today and lots of running ahead for this weekend right?

One of the things that I’ve really learned with Kevin is that some nights you just get to treat yourself. Its helped with my maintenance of weight because since I eat what I want in moderation, I never have the urge to realllly binge. I had a rich meal tonight and tomorrow will be a regular day of eating and it all evens out.

Today was definitely redeemed by an excellent date night!