I’d like to introduce you to one of my other best friends in the whole wide world, Dema!

IMG 0401

Shes the inspiration behind tonights post. Gorgeous lady!

Dema has self esteem issues just like 99% of the female population (including me!) and she’d love to lose a little weight (despite being beautiful just the way she is now…but I digress) but has always struggled with really enjoying exercise. She tried running earlier this year and she just didnt enjoy it. If I had a dollar for everyone who told me they tried to get into running but just absolutely hated it…well, I would definitely be able to accomplish my dream of buying the biggest reese’s peanut butter cup in the world. After talking to Dema today I absolutely know what my answer to that statement will be in the future:

“If you hate running so much, then why run?”

Its a fact that we are not gonna want to stick to something that we hate doing. People tend to forget that exercise is supposed to be FUN. Yes, it can be challenging and yes, sometimes you really struggle to push yourself, but in the end, it has to be something you love doing! I am incredibly excited for Dema because she has now found something that she loves doing and that is kickboxing! I’ve never kickboxed myself before, but I’ve heard its a great workout. I’ve never heard Dema so INTO a workout before, but you could just tell that she had fallen in love with it. As a running fanatic, I definitely know how that feels! Running isnt for everyone…just as most other things in life, some things just arent peoples cup of tea. You search for things you love and enjoy in life and you hold onto them. I stumbled upon running because I was so sick of being in the gym doing the same things over and over and I wasnt enjoying myself anymore. and, now that I’ve fallen in love with this crazy sport, I can never see myself getting tired of it. This is yet another great weight maintenance tool (and a great weight loss tool in general!) You do what you LOVE and you will stick with it. I cant wait to hear more from Dema about kickboxing. Has anyone ever kickboxed themselves?

In other boring news, I came home today to dutifully clean my apartment. I listened to some vinyl…up on tonights playlist was:

Some Stevie Wonder

IMG 2273

and some Joni Mitchell!

IMG 2275

I’m currently waiting for my sister to get here because we are having a thrilling friday night of going to see Lion King in 3D! Not gonna lie, I’m completely SOUPED! Not sure whats for dinner, but I have a 10 mile run on the agenda tomorrow so hopefully something carbalicious. This is my last long run before my half next weekend…annddd its raining. I’ve been obsessively checking weather.com in hopes that I can avoid being downpoured on. 60% chance of rain, cross your fingers that I dont come home looking like a wet rat?


Happy Friday night everyone!!!