Last night after a ridiculously good dinner, we retreated to the couch with Nacho to watch one of our favorite shows EVER, Always Sunny in Philadelphia 🙂

Jersey Shore themed episode= ridiculousness

We decided to venture out for a little bit afterwards to hang out at the local bar. (a drink for me, a NA beer for him) One thing you should know about my town is that its really small and everyone knows everyone. Even though Kevin doesnt drink, we venture out every once in a while just to socialize and see everyone and catch up. The usual watering hole actually got damaged in Hurricane Irene so the owner opened up the OTHER bar in town that we all thought was closed down forever. This place is rundown, but we were amused and wanted to check it out before it again, probably closes down forever.

Kevin was overjoyed to find that they had an OLD SCHOOL PACMAN ARCADE MACHINE!

Seriously, this thing had space invaders, ms. pacman, donkey kong..the works!

Kevin was a happy camper. He loves old school stuff like this…pinball is his speciality. I hope one of these days when we buy a house, we can put something as awesome as this into our place! 🙂

It was good getting to catch up with everyone. I love our weird little town.

So, its humid and RAINY in Jersey…what else is new.

Except my new rainboots! I get some good use out of em this weekend

Guys…you dont even want to know how ditzy I am. This week has just been not good to me…I was convinced I left my precious coffee thermos at work so I was grumbling to myself about how i’d have to run to starbucks before work..and realized right as I was leaving that it was sitting in my kitchen sink. DOH.

Also, I bought new headphones, and completely forget them at home. So now I have to resort to using the terrible no good pair of ipod headphones, NOOO!

Please excuse the frizzy hair, I told you it was humid over here!

Here are the new headphones I purchased (http://www.skullcandy.com/shop/all-products/smokin-bud-pink.html), which I guess I will now be reviewing after my long run tomorrow. Yes, skullcandy again. I was teasing on my previous post, but I really did like those headphones and I’m hoping these will be a little better to me!

Todays workout will include 5.5 easy on the treadmill, cant wait!

So tell me,

Do you love old school video games as much as we do?

Do you ever have ridiculous space cadet moments like me, or am i just alone in my spaceyness? 🙂