I’m pleased to tell you that the Lion King in 3D was awesome! I really enjoyed this date night with my sister because I remember her watching this movie every day when she was little…she was only 2 when the movie came out! Her cat is actually named Simba after this movie. Sometimes you go to 3D movies and wonder if it was even worth it, well…it definitely was in this case!

IMG 0512

Buttery popcorn is full of nutrition right? It made for good fuel for my run this morning!


Ah yes, my run this morning. My last long run which was 10.5 miles. I know that isnt much of a taper with a week to go…but i’ve really built up my mileage over the past year so I think as long as I take it easy this week, I will be ok. I felt really strong during this run, I couldve easily went another 3 miles. I think I’m gonna kick this race’s booty!

I usually eat half an english muffin with PB and nutella before any long runs…but we were out of them this morning so I went for the next best thing…

IMG 2279

half a package pumped with nutrients such as PB and chocolate…and sugar…yeah… 🙂

Some of my necessities during my run include:

IMG 2276

Current running shoe of choice is the Asics GT-2160. This is my first time trying out Asics, and I have to say that over the many shoes I have bought over the years, this is def up there. I enjoy the cushiony ride on these….but regardless, I think Brooks remains my all time favorite so far!

IMG 2277

I dont buy Body Glide (I used to, but I find it a little too overpriced), i’m ghetto fabulous and smear my deodarant all over my legs and chafe prone areas. it works just as well i promise!

IMG 2278

I tried these out for the first time this morning and I can say I like em! I dunno if its worth the 30.00 pricetag…but ahh well. I’m hoping these actually last. I use an ipod shuffle to run with as well, I think this device was MADE for running!

IMG 2281

For any runs over 10 miles, I chew on a pack of half of these. They work really well for me and settle nicely in my stomach. I used to use the sports beans but gosh, these are TONS easier to get down quickly. I love the feeling after these hit your system…sudden burst of energy! My longest run ever has been 14 miles, so im sure i’d be downing a couple of these whenever I delve into marathon training. ahem, please dont admire my perfectly manicured nails.

I came back, feeling pretty strong and excited for my race next week! I chugged down my favorite post run drink

IMG 2282

IMG 2283

Ahhhh sweaty face in the morning, thats what blogging is all about 🙂 p.s. there is nothing different about this so-called “halloween edition” chocolate milk. BLASPHEMY, I was expecting fun size M&M packs to pop out at me or something..

IMG 2284

I iced my foot real good…its feeling kind of tender, I’m set on babying it like crazy for the next couple days. In case you were wondering, manly feet are back in fashion!

IMG 2287

Breakfast included southwest eggbeater omelette with cheese topped with a mixture of bacon and a little pork roll…all on a sandwich thin. thanks Kevin!!!


I’m off to run errands for today but I have a fun charity bar crawl that my friend Bruce is throwing tonight. His Dad struggles with epilepsy so this is to help raise money for the race he is doing. My mom also struggles with Epilepsy so I am more then happy to donate and support. Charity + drink specials + friends = awesome saturday night!


What are your saturday plans? 🙂

What was your workout today?

Any races coming up that you are PUMPED for?!