Sunday is always funday according to me and Kevin. I didnt get to spend the first half of the day with him because he was helping his sister and brother-in-law out with outdoor housework, but I came to pick him up and dropped off a delivery of cookies for them to nosh on eventually. His beautiful sister is preggo, so I figured the lil one might have a craving 🙂

We made it back just in time for the start of the Jets game and I simply couldnt go another sunday without having WINGS! Nina was in agreeance so we picked some up on the way home.

They were good, they werent as perfect as the ones I usually pick up from our neighboorhood bar (which is sadly, closed down for probably another month) but they did the trick!

We also bought a couple of large subs and cut them up so the boys could be munching on something as well because they all knew if they came near my wings I would probably foam at the mouth and maybe some karate chopping might be involved…

The boys also enjoyed the cookies I made, thank you very much 🙂 Although the Jets unfortunately lost to the Raiders, we still had a great time together!

I think that pink hello kitty cup is now officially Will’s. He definitely made a beeline for it as soon as he got into the apartment. Now that is someone who is extremely comfortable with his masculinity 🙂

After everyone left, we sunk into the couch and finally watched modern family. Now I only have 20 more hours of shows left to get through on my DVR.

I woke up this morning feeling incredibly optimistic. That surprised me a little because I usually go through Monday Blues. But I guess after the crappyness of last week, I figure this week MUST go better.

Breakfast this morning is a lovely bowl of cereal, I was gonna be all healthy and have some cheerios with a banana…but, I only had one banana left and I was seriously craving a PB/Nutella/Banana sandwich for lunch today, so thats what I packed! Can you guess what nutritionally packed cereal I had instead?

hahaha, I dont know if Runners World told you yet, but Capn Crunch is optimal fuel for runners.

I have a little obsession with animal crackers, I cant wait to dig into these today

I’m debating my workout today. Technically I should be tapering since my half is this sunday. However, I’ve really upped my mileage in the past year and I have a strong base already. I’ve also already run two halfs before and I’m wondering how much I really need to cut back this week. I’m obviously not doing a long run on saturday, I’m actually planning on taking that as a rest day. Do you think it’d be fine to just follow my normal mileage otherwise? Typically I would do 7 miles easy today..but i’m thinking I might cut it down to 5. I’m still debating….

How do your tapers usually go? Would you take it easy if you were me?

I really dont know! 😦

Do mondays usually make you happy, sad, or indifferent?

Do you love animal crackers as much as I do?! 🙂

EDIT: I think I am def going to take it easy and do more crosstraining then usual..its gonna be hard but I really wanna kick some butt in this half!