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I didnt realize how hard it would be to roll out of bed at 4:55 this morning. Its truly been a very long time since i’ve done these early morning workouts. I kind of like it though, despite having to be in bed at a very grandma time of 9 pm. Workout today included 15 minutes warm-up jogging, 1 hour of spin, and 25 minutes of arm/chest/tricep work. The spinning instructor was decent, not the best by far, but I got a very good sweat going on and my legs are feeling the effects. I was even on time to work this morning–BOOYAH! I’m enjoying having a gym membership again!

Breakfast is Cheerios and a banana!

I also want to say that obviously I dont post everything I eat on the blog, well..mostly because I tend to be routine with my food, but also that would be wayyy too much work! I have my fair share of snacks during the day. I also didnt include the slices of turkey and little kit-kat I had while I was driving to work, haha.

I’d like to discuss something that I consider a debatable topic. I think there are pros and cons to this issue, i’m just going to talk about my struggles with it.

Ah, the scale.

I’ve had disordered eating tendencies before…on top of overexercising and obsessively weighing myself. I’d like to think i’ve come a far way from how I used to be years ago when my sights were completely set on weight loss. I used to weigh myself twice a day, in the morning and at night. Dont ask me why. My thoughts were irrational. I used to base my attitude about myself for the day depending on what the numbers on the scale appeared as that day. I used to get really really upset if I wasnt able to weigh myself everyday.

I still struggle with this issue. I know now that I go by how my clothes fit and I shouldnt pay too much attention to that number. But I do still weigh myself mostly every morning. I dont let it affect my mood or positive attitude about myself, but I like to know how my eating is affecting my weight. I also like to make sure that i’m keeping ridiculously overhydrated. I went on vacation for two weeks over the summer, where I couldnt weigh myself the whole time. At first I felt a little..well. uneasy about the situation. But I got over it very quickly and I knew everything was fine because my clothes were still fitting okay…and why do I need to be held as a slave to the scale?

I weighed myself the day after I got back…same exact weight as when I had left. I felt amused about this fact, because I think its really proven that I can maintain my weight without being overly obsessed with this. I’m not a perfect human being or a perfect pinnacle of health. I still struggle with issues, but I try to keep myself on a healthy journey. I’m glad that I’ve learned that numbers arent everything. A number on the scale is not going to determine whether I am happy or sad. Only I can determine that for myself. I’m thinking soon I might only weigh myself weekly. I think the scale is a helpful tool for weight maintenance for me, but the daily numbers dont really mean much. Its the progress over time that really matters.

What are your thoughts on the scale? Do you use it daily, weekly, monthly…at all?