I’ve discovered the greatest perk of working out early in the morning…I have my night completely free! Lets not mention the fact that I ended up falling asleep around 9 pm…i’m really that cool.

I decided to be semi-productive with my time and make this pumpkin loaf bread recipe that was recommended by the wonderful Annette!

IMG 2322

IMG 2324

As I was waiting for this wonderfulness to finish baking, I proceeded to make myself dinner. Now, tonight I also reaffirmed why it sucks that me and Kevin have such opposite schedules. Not only do I only get to spend a small amount of time with him per week, but it makes it alot harder to keep our fridge stocked and variety going on since we are both constantly cooking for only one. We try to buy things that are quick and easy and easily proportioned. I really think we need to start making meals on sundays and freezing them for the week so I stop running into predicaments like these….I went to make myself a turkey and goat cheese sandwich on a wheat thin and 1) the turkey had gone bad and 2) the goat cheese had gone bad ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

I was left with only a few options considering i’m trying to break my broccoli/fiber addiction in the upcoming days leading to my race…I decided to make a southwest egg beater cheese omelette…I was hoping to smother it in salsa but even our salsa had gone bad, what is the world coming to?! I resorted to smothering it in hot sauce and light sour cream instead:

IMG 2327

Side of diet cranberry ginger ale, yum. sort of hit the spot considering it wasnt what I had originally intended for dinner.

I may or may not have had a small portion of red velvet ice cream. I may or may not have gobbled it down and only had this picture to share

IMG 2333

and I wont even divulge if those are tounge or fork marks at the bottom of this ramekin, I will only say i’m glad I’m not including any facial pictures in this post ๐Ÿ˜‰

Finally the bread was done!

IMG 2336

This made WAY more then I had even anticipated and although I’m sure Kevin would appreciate 20 pounds of pumpkin loaf, its safe to say both of our co workers will probably be enjoying the smaller loaves. ย As for me, I hope you guys know whats for breakfast ย for the next couple of days:

IMG 2338

OHHH YEAH, im planning on smothering this sucker in PB, nutella, maybe cream cheese, although obviously not at the same time.

I think it will make for awesome pre-race fuel this week!

Next workout will include 6 miles easy. I’m getting really amped for this race ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyone running any races this weekend, do tell?!!

Do you have to cook for one ever? any good recipes to share?

Have YOU baked with pumpkin yet this season?

Happy Hump Day ya’ll, its halfway to the weekend, WOOT!