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Ohhhh boy, was I feeling sore from Tuesdays weight training yesterday. ย It was one of those days that I could barely pick up my arms or move around. That just goes to show how out of shape I am strength training wise. I think one of the best new investments I have made was putting it into a new gym membership. I forgot how much I missed having so many options for working out!

Because I was so beat from weight training, needless to say, I was starving when it came to Weds. I had a massive piece of my pumpkin bread smeared in cream cheese for breakfast

IMG 0526

I will also say that both me and Kevin brought the two smaller loaves to work with us and they both were completely gone by the end of the day, woot!

I had a so-so 5 mile run on the treadmill during my lunch break…I think its just because I need to amp up my eating this week, we will see how my small run goes tomorrow. I know during your taper your body is kind of recovering from all the training so I’m praying i’m just being paranoid.

I had a substantial lunch but I was still famished when I got home. One of the things I’ve learned over this weight loss/maintenance journey is to really listen to your body…when you are feeling that hungry, I believe its because your body is craving nutrients, protein, something that is really going to stick with you. My body was in recovery mode. I had a snack of a small piece of the pumpkin bread with PB before I left work and I was already thinking of what to whip together when I came home.

I made myself french toast with a wheat thin dipped in egg mixed with almond milk

IMG 2348

IMG 2346

I smothered the french toast in jam and drizzled it with honey. I think next time I need to put a pat of butter on it though ๐Ÿ™‚

I also had a microwaved sweet potato with butter and cinnamon

IMG 2349

Of course, I rounded out the meal with a bowl of cookies and cream (ahem, and a reeses peanut butter cup, hehe)

I felt MUCH better and satisfied after that meal.

Did I also tell you that I actually convinced Kevin to join the gym with me? They gave us a great deal where he could sign up under my plan and have to put no money down, it took a little bit of convincing but he finally agreed and went to sign up on Tuesday afternoon.

I was really really hoping to get him up with me for an early Thursday morning gym session

IMG 2340

Alas, I wasnt able to get him up. He claims he will go after work…baby steps Theresa, baby steps.

I woke up this morning and hopped onto the elliptical while enjoying an issue of Runners World that has been gazing at me longingly from my dresser

IMG 2350

I did 40 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes stair-master, 5 minutes biking and then 20 minutes of light leg work and ab work. I’m trying not to push the weights too hard on my legs this week obviously with the race coming up.

Today is filled with…not so fun errands of going to the doctor, but I get a half day of work off, so yay to that. I am sure I will have fun pictures later since we are going to have dinner with Kevins parents as well. LOVE them!

You also better believe I’m off to have an amazing breakfast of a big piece of pumpkin bread with PB, YUM!

How do you guys handle those days when you feel like you could gnaw your hand off?

Does your significant other work-out at all? Have you tried to get them into an active lifestyle?

Most important, what is your favorite brand of PB?? ๐Ÿ™‚