Yesterday was one of those odd days. I had a great early start with my workout but I was dreading my doctors appt (it was the girly doctor visits that arent so fun). Work went by quickly and I’ve officially fallen in love with pumpkin bread smeared in PB:

IMG 0527

Yep, I even had to smear the broken piece in PB as well. No corner goes untouched!!

My sister came with me to the doctor and all was well. When I got back I was feeling a little shaky so I laid down with a banana and some pretzels and we proceeded to veg out until dinnertime with Kevins parents. I eventually made myself get up and look semi-presentable and caught up on some important things like celebrity gossip and blogging 😉

IMG 2352

Please ignore how humongo my legs are looking in this picture, Kevin has a knack for catching me at my finest.

Dinner was at Gusto Grill, I hadnt been there in ages so I was really looking forward to it. Kevins parents didnt think it was weird at all that I was taking pictures of my food.

IMG 2353

This crab dip was full of awesomeness with a side of pita.

His parents also didnt find it weird that I asked them to kindly pose for a photo with us

IMG 2354

But seriously his family are some of the best people I have ever met in my life and I’m not saying that because they read this blog (bc they dont, im not sure if they even know what a blog is, hehe) but I’m excited to feature them whenever I can. Soon you will get to be up close and personal with the Melendez (my) clan and then your life will truly be complete. On a side note, no worries, thats my glass of wine next to Kevin, not his 😉

I’m rambling so onto more food!

Kevin wasnt hungry at all

IMG 2355

This picture doesnt even do it justice. That was about 50 pounds of ribs on that plate, no joke. He ate about a quarter of it, like I was expecting him to. Someone has a weeks worth of leftovers!

Mine was a seafood combination and it was perfection

IMG 2356

It doesnt get much better then salmon, crab cake and shrimp. I couldve eaten 10 more pounds of broccoli, sheesh.


They all proceeded to tell the waitress that it was my birthday next week. Thank gosh the waiters didnt sing to me but it didnt stop Kevin and Nina from serenading me at the table

IMG 2358

Wonderfully healthy cookie sundae. You would think they would let me pick the dessert but they were kindfully selfish. I wouldve went for the carrot cake! I settled. This was pretty good.

We rounded out the night with alot of quality TV. Think Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Jersey Shore 🙂

We are getting down to the nitty-gritty here folks. Two days till race day so I want to focus on getting quality carbs in and getting myself mentally together. I have a last 5 mile run on the agenda, easy run just to get the kinks out. Tomorrow I plan on resting, even though itll be hard for me, haha.

I’ll be comin atcha all weekend with race talk, i’m excited!!!!

Do you enjoy the anticipation before the race?

Whats one of your favorite desserts?