I’m very happy to say that my race went well! The weather was good, the atmosphere was good, the outcome was good…lets start from the beginning.

I gotta be honest, I wasnt feeling super great from what I had eaten last night. Needless to say, I probably will not be eating Bertuccis the night before a race EVER again, but I was a trooper πŸ˜‰

I made this playlist, which worked like a charm if I do say so myself!

Third Eye Blind-Semi Charmed Life

Nicki Minaj-Super Bass

Stevie Wonder-I Wish

Neutral Milk Hotel-Ghost

Kanye West- Monster

Senses Fail-All the Best Cowboys have Daddy Issues

Max Bemis ft Sherri Dupree-Bemis-Do the Dohnk

Britney Spears-I wanna go

Adele-Rolling in the Deep

Lady Gaga-Hair

Lady Gaga-You and I

Death Cab for Cutie-We Looked like Giants

Otis Redding-Try a Little Tenderness

Britney Spears-Dont keep me Waiting

Jacks Mannequin-MFEO: Part 1-Made for Each Other

Britney Spears- (Drop Dead) Beautiful

Foo Fighters-Arlandria

Britney Spears-Up n’Down

Lady GaGa-Heavy Metal Lover

Panic! At the Disco-Always

Britney Spears ft Will I Am-Big Fat Bass



Black Eyed Peas-Just Cant Get Enough

Lady GaGa-Marry the Night

Billy Joel-Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)

LMFAO-Party Rock Anthem

Pitbull ft Ne-Yo-Give me Everything

Britney Spears-Till the World Ends

Foo Fighters-Walk

The race began at 8 am…we have Kevin on photography for the day πŸ˜‰

IMG 2412

IMG 2416

This was the starting line…people were dressed in all kinds of crazy tutus and skirts…it was amusing to see. It was also an all-female race, a very comfortable and fun atmosphere. I situated myself at my corral. My goal for this whole thing was to run it in 2:10 or under. I felt so much stronger last year but my foot was acting up alot of the time so I wasnt able to get the time I wanted. I was really really determined this year. I went out too fast…that has never happened to me before as I’m usually overcautious but I knew I went out too fast when my legs were beginning to feel like lead at mile 5 😦 I took gatorade at most stations and downed my shot blocks at mile 7 and I felt pretty strong enough to get the time I had wanted. I’m really happy to say I finished in 2:10..I was hoping it’d be a little closer to 2:09 but Im not gonna beat up on myself. I need to do more speedwork this year in training to get my times down. It only took 3 years of running to realize that πŸ˜‰

IMG 2421

IMG 2423

IMG 2425

IMG 2426

These girls were beasts and were the ones who were 1st and 2nd place in the race πŸ™‚ And this is me finishing

IMG 2429

I always like to sprint and look goofy at the end of my races πŸ™‚ They gave us roses and champagne at the finish line…I looked super attractive by the end!

IMG 2431

GOOFY, lol. arent you drooling over the mounds of bagels behind me?

IMG 2433

I was dying for the port a potty by the end..dear lord :X

IMG 2434

Me and my Pops πŸ™‚ I was really grateful to have Kevin and my sister and my mom/dad there to cheer me on…it was truly amazing!

IMG 2435

Kevin, Me, Dad, Mom πŸ™‚ Like I said, Nina refuses to take pictures so dont expect to see alot of her on here, but you will definitely hear about her allll the time.

My body feels exhausted but I got home safe and sound and couldnt wait to eat a real meal besides bananas and oatmeal cookies. Kevin heated up some of the pork from his ribs from Thursday and made us sandwiches

IMG 2437


IMG 2438

I also made use of our oh-so-healthy deep fryer and made us a little bit of french fries

IMG 2436

Absolutely what I needed to fuel me to get through the rest of the day. It’s still football sunday folks, so we’ll be having people over and watching the Jets vs. Baltimore at 8 pm!

I cant wait to get to bed tonight, hahaha!


How was your weekend?

Doesnt it feel soooo good to hit one of your goals?

Whats your favorite post-race meal??