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The weekend has finally arrived!!!

I grabbed a sundried tomato bagel with veggie cream cheese for breakfast. I dont tend to usually eat bagels but weekend of race is usually a a different kind of occasion 😉 It took us getting through alot of traffic to get to Long Island but we finally made it. We headed straight to the expo before even making it to the hotel. I picked up my race packet, which is very pink and kind of cute

IMG 2397

We got to have samples of…some odd tasting natural PB

IMG 2393

I’m not sure how big of a fan I was, but it was interesting. I also bought an awesome sparkly headband to wear for the race which I forgot to take a picture of, but you will see it soon in my race photos, dont fret.

We finally made it over to the hotel which was nothing fancy but more then enough to keep us comfortable for the night.

I wasnt even sure what to do with ourselves for hours since it was only 2:30 pm

IMG 2398

We finally decided to drive around and explore the area and maybe get an idea of what we could do for dinner later on. I saw a sports authority and we had to make a pit stop. Yes, i’m a total geek and I love perusing sportswear more then going to the mall. I ended up picking up some Under Armour compression capris that I might wear for the race (yes, thats a total rule breaker but to be fair, I own a couple pairs of under armour bottoms and have never had an issue) Either way, I think they will end up being useful when it comes to hardcore spinning workouts!

We saw a movie theatre and ended up getting tickets to 50/50 to pass the time away. We grabbed some candy from the Target across the way and settled in for what I think was a pretty good movie. A little depressing obviously but humorous as well. P.S. these candies were deliciouso!

IMG 2405


After the movie got out, we tried to head to a cute looking Italian place we had passed earlier in the day but the wait was a hour and a half and I didnt want to be going to bed at 11 pm so we backtracked to a Bertuccis that we had also passed.

IMG 2403

They said only 40 mins, so we said scoreee.

I just wanted to share my hello kitty sneakers with you, I love em just a little bit

IMG 2404

We actually got sat in less time, so happyface. We had some warm rolls and ordered an artichoke dip to share

IMG 2409

Me and my sister had individual pizzas while Kevin ordered a calzone

IMG 2410

I’m seriously breaking all the rules this time around…eating different foods, wearing different bottoms then planned….but I had no choice, the pasta selection at this place was no bueno and I thought pizza was a safer option then a really heavy cream based pasta.

I got a great night of sleep, I woke up and am currently housing my snack

IMG 2411

PB/nutella on half an english muffin with a lot of water, lol.

I gotta jet and get ready, but I will have race details and my playlist for the race later. Wish me luck, i’m hoping to do well! Its a cool day, in the 50s and the race is flat while I trained with all the hills in my town…should be interesting!