I’m turning 27 this saturday so I have really been thinking alot about the different things that I’ve learned over the past year. It wasnt as ridiculously emotionally draining as 25 was but I really feel as if I’ve learned alot and gotten a bit wiser. It makes me feel excited for 27 because I have a feeling it will be an even better year for me (or at least one can hope) I wanted to share with you guys some of the tidbits i’ve learned over this year, i’m a sucker for lists, what can I say?


10. Having a sober boyfriend has been an enlightening experience

IMG 1884

I’m sure that you have noticed throughout following my blog that I’m not sober myself. I drink alcohol, but in moderation. Kevin has really astounded me this year. I thought I had self control when it came to losing weight and exercising, but he took it to another level. Kevin has been around alcohol and tempting situations more times than I can count over the past year (think weddings, vacations, birthdays, football games, etc) and he has never once swayed. He’s really emerged as a strong, fulfilled individual throughout this experience. I’m so happy he has a great support groups through his meetings and he knows he also has one in me. His sobriety also has helped me keep in check with myself. I will always need to be careful when it comes to alcohol since alcoholism runs through my family. I’ve seen them struggle with it through my life and I have always struggled to keep a balance. This brings me to my next point 😉

9. Balance is key

There have been so many times over my journey that I have really struggled with this. I have an addictive personality so I tend to overdo things. I know I shouldnt eat 10 pounds of wings but sometimes I do it anyway. I know that I need to cut back on running because my foot is tender, but I keep pushing through. This year I’ve really just been trying to keep everything in balance. I try to make sure I incorporate things I love to eat whenever I want because if I dont, then I will end up binging. I struggled with that terribly years ago and it wasnt really until I started dating Kevin that I let myself loose a little bit. balance, balance, balance! It will probably be something I work on my entire life. I guess everyone does to an extent right?

8. Your cats are pretty much jerks, your dog is one of your favorite things in the world, and you love having animals in your life.

IMG 2231

IMG 2238

7. You can actually walk in high heels if you really really try

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hahaha, you have no idea how many years I have tried to walk in high heels and yet failed miserably. I’m a total klutz and I walk around really awkwardly. I suppose something magical must have come with turning 26 because I’ve been a complete champ at walking in heels ever since. Now…I wont try any of the seriously dangerously high ones and I think Kevin appreciates that as he didnt appreciate how much taller I was next to him in these shoes. He still loves me anyways 🙂

6. Having a place of your own with Kevin has been one of the best experiences you couldve hoped for!

We had lived with roommates for the first year we were together. It wasnt them that made the experience bad at all but I had been living with roommates for so long that I was itching to really have a place to call my own. Everything with roommates is compromise and sharing. We both just wanted our own space, decorate it our own way, be able to have our friends and family over for dinners and whatever. It took a bit of saving but we finally accomplished that in June. Its been amazing. We love having our new place and our own privacy. We’re both incredibly excited for the day we get to buy a house!

Stay Tuned…part 2 is up tomorrow!

What are some of the important life lessons you feel that you’ve learned over the past year?

Do you feel you are getting wiser as you get older?