Ahhh and so the list carries on. I promise we will get back to our regularly scheduled program tomorrow. However, I would like to share that I ran 7 easy miles last night and it went great! My legs definitely appreciated the break from running after the weekend and honestly, I feel stronger then ever. I cant wait until I start training for another race again!


5. Learn to find your voice and stand up for yourself (once in a while)

I have struggled with a lot of self esteem issues throughout my life. I was always the people pleaser and I completely hate confrontation, even if it might be necessary on my part. This extended from friends to family to even business-type dealings. As I’ve grown older, I might not be completely there yet, but I’ve come to realize the importance of this issue as well. I feel like i’ve become more comfortable in my skin over the past year and it has helped me to find my voice and to stand my ground when its been necessary. I do not deserve to be walked all over because I try to be the best person and friend I can be. It doesnt sound like i’ve come that far, but believe me, I have and it has made a big difference on my psyche πŸ˜‰


4. You might love baking, but your waistline doesnt.

I have definitely made some awesome creations throughout the past year




Oh and they were all incredibly delicious! I discovered my love of baking this year and I would oftentimes do it on Friday nights since I felt it kind of therapeutic. The problem herein lies that its only me and Kevin and I was making all of these delicious treats for just the two of us. Its no wonder my weight went up a couple of pounds at the beginning of the year. I still love baking but now I will only do it if a) company is coming over and I know it wont go to waste b) i’m attending a party and I know the baked goods will again, not go to waste or c) I bring the leftovers in for my co-workers so they can enjoy as well. I have a huge sweet tooth and not much self control in that department so I need to find what works for me. πŸ˜‰

3. Just because you run, does not mean you get to be a human garbage disposal

I’ve been a runner for a while now and when I started seriously getting into it, my appetite soared. I struggled for a long time trying to figure out how much I should be eating to sustain my workouts. I loved to use the excuses of long runs to completely stuff my face at times. I’m sure that all runners struggle with this issue in one way or another but for a while, I felt like a caged animal, stuck in this routine of under-eating and not entirely sure how I should be eating properly. This led to a lot of meals that were not so healthy, lot of snacks that were not so healthy 😦 As you might know, your body is not exactly going to perform like a champion if all you are doing is fueling on junk. I’ve made a massive effort to include more fruits and veggies into my everyday diet. I do splurge sometimes but even with my long runs I try to keep my appetite at bay by refueling with nourishing items instead of french fries. Its helped me maintain my weight much better and I feel GREAT when i’m eating healthy. This is a lifetime learning process so I cant wait to find new ways to incorporate some superfoods into my diet!

2. Choose carefully the people that you want in your life, your friends and family are your everything

IMG 0959

IMG 1115

IMG 0543

IMG 0544

IMG 1601

I have the greatest group of friends and the best family anyone could ask for…there has been points in my life where I have let people into my life that just should not have been there, they had negative effects on me and not my best interests at heart. I surround myself with the people who have proven time and time again just how amazing and wonderful they are. I am incredibly grateful for each and everyone of them πŸ™‚

1. Learn to embrace and love yourself more and you will be able to love others more then you could have ever imagined

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This whole love yourself thing is a lot easier said then done. Especially when you’ve been on a self loathing path for a while. This year I’ve really begun to accept myself. I’m not perfect, but who really is? Who really sits there and tells themselves how perfect they are. Everyone has issues and no one is completely pleased with how they look or are. Sometimes I need to have those pep talks in the mirror where I tell myself “Theresa! You are amazing and beautiful and dont ever let yourself think otherwise”. It is way way too draining to beat up on yourself constantly. I’m slowly coming to terms with who I am. This self-awareness and appreciation for myself has enabled me to become a much more loving person, at least I think so. I’m more in love with Kevin then ever, I’m in love with my friends, my family and life in general.

I seriously cannot wait to see what 27 will bring me!

The moral of the day is love yourself πŸ™‚ It makes life a lot more meaningful!

What are some of the best life lessons you’ve learned over the years? please share!