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My run went fairly well yesterday, I’m enjoying working out with my garmin and I’m almost working up the nerve to incorporate speedwork into my runs. I’ve always just kind of run according to how I felt that day, but I would really love to get faster and I know thats the only way to do so. How come eating pounds of wings wont help me get faster, that I absolutely know I can do 😉

IMG 2579

Last night we went over to our friend Ryans place to watch the Jets play the Dolphins. Thank gosh they won because I’m pretty sure Kevin wouldve been cranky all week otherwise…but hey, he has to deal with my crankyness when I cant run or get my endorphin fix so we are even! We made some chicharron before we left to bring over to Ryans house since we were also making a tray of yuca that my dad had left with us. I cant believe I didnt take pictures of the yuca, but believe me, we eat this stuff all the time so it will definitely pop up on here eventually. Its a sort of potato type root that we make a variety of ways but last night we fried it. Because I was feeling in an especially healthy mood from my woman “issues”. I did catch a picture of the meat though:

IMG 2580

Its pork belly that we saute until it gets really well cooked and crispy on the outside, but crazy on the inside. Not everyone is a fan, but I enjoy it. I will only need to run around 300 miles this week to run it off, but some things are worth the sacrifice, haha.

So, if youve been following, you know that I signed up for a new gym a couple weeks ago. I’ve been there many times already but its only been early in the morning. Today was my first workout after work…which made me a bit nervous. I always feel a little awkward in new environments and I really hate being bothered when i’m working out. I’m one of those people that get in there. focus on what i’m doing, and i’m out. I also really hate it when personal trainers come up to me because they think i’m new or dont know what i’m doing and I always wanna just be like…”Its ok, i’ve been at this for years, I think I know my way around the gym now.” Does that sound incredibly stuck up? I walked into the gym tonight and BAM, first thing when I walk in, a personal trainer comes up to me and says “So what is your workout gonna be today?” I responded “Cardio, and then some weight training” and he was like.. “good, in order to see results, you need to do both. Seriously, you need to do both”….and then…I stared at him blankly and laughed nervously and said, “yep!” and then he repeated again…”No, really.” okay, mr. state the obvious. No offense, but I know how to work out properly, I dont need to be lectured just because youve never seen me before and want to assume that I have no idea what i’m doing.


If that wasnt odd enough, it just felt like people kept staring me down. I might be paranoid, but i’m sure I’ll get over it. All I know is that I dont feel that way when I hit the gym early in the morning. People seem a bit more chill and to themselves. Thats how I like to roll! 😉

I came home after a good workout (with cardio AND weights, seriously) and made myself a kevin special using a sandwich flat. I also snacked on delicious tortilla chips while I was waiting for it to heat up and then cool down.

IMG 2594

IMG 2596

I really like turkey pepperoni over regular pepperoni…its less greasier and just has a certain taste that I enjoy, yum! These jalapeno chips were nomnomalicious as well!

My dog has been acting a bit cray cray tonight. He keeps licking at and rubbing his nose on the carpet, I really dont get it. He’s just as weird as his owner I suppose…

IMG 2581

IMG 2583

IMG 2584

IMG 2585

Maybe the carpet is flavored like wings, thats the only logical explanation I could think of. He’s thinkin on my terms!!

Here’s a picture of the awesome stein that I bought yesterday…which I will probably never drink out of, its more for show…but who knows, things could get nutty from time to time!

IMG 2590

I’m a girl who is into her hello kitty merchandise, wings and Budweiser… i’m perfectly normal, really.

Tell me…do you socialize with people at your gym or mostly just keep to yourself?

Do your pets make you go hmmmmm 99% of the time?