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I’d like to dedicate this post to my momma…she turns a very young age today, which I wont divulge because she might punch me in the face for it eventually!

IMG 2106

In all actuality, my parents are actually very young compared to most of my friends parents. They had me in their very early 20s so that might have something to do with it 😉 My mom is one of the strongest, sweetest, most sarcastic people I know….sounds like someone familiar? hahaha…all joking aside, my mom is a truly amazing person and I’m really lucky to have such a phenomenal woman in my life. I thank God for it every single day. She keeps me sane ya’ll.

I was up at 5 am for a morning run at the gym. I guess my body needs to get used to these ridiculously early workouts because I find it difficult to power through those runs. I’m hoping tomorrow will be a little bit better.

I drove to my parents house after work so that I could have dinner for my moms birthday with my family. Sans my brother and Kevin since they were both working. Since it was only 4 of us, my dad suggested going out to dinner at Olive Garden…internally I moaned (because I really dont like their food very much) but if my mom wanted to go, I was down for whatever she wanted..lol. It didnt turn out to be all that bad. It was a decent meal. I do enjoy their salad and breadsticks from time to time, and of course that is what we started out with!

IMG 2597

My mom actually opted for the soup, I got to capture this sweet action shot:

IMG 2598

It was some sort of gnocchi soup, she seemed to enjoy it 🙂

I ordered the shrimp primavera dish…honestly, I dont tend to order pasta much in restaurants, but I figured I could use the fuel for my run tomorrow morning:

IMG 2599

It was on their low-fat menu although who knows what this place defines low-fat to be…My basic strategy for eating out at places is to order nothing that involves creme sauce or anything fried. I tend to opt for a grilled fish or chicken dish with veggies and it always makes me happy. My tummy can be rather sensitive with restaurant foods sometimes too so I try to be careful. I’m a big fish eater rather then a meat eater and that tends to narrow down my options. Thats not to say I dont splurge or indulge sometimes but for the most part, I try to order well. Its definitely hard going out to eat and its something that I used to be deathly scared of. But is that any way to really live life? I think as long as you make smart choices, going out to eat doesnt have to be so bad!

The meal was decent, I had alot leftover so I left that with my parents because I knew I wasnt going to get a chance to eat it before it went bad. We came back to my parents house to cut my moms cake…which by that point, we were pretty full but i had a small slice anyway because I aways need to try at least a little cake!!

IMG 2600

IMG 2604

IMG 2605

Maybe I was a little jealous of my moms chocolates…I tried to break into them but my plans were foiled by my family glancing at me oddly…whats the big deal?

IMG 2601

They must make these things childproof, darnit.

Me and Kev bought my mom a Giants jersey…(she’s a huge fan, she was obviously very excited when I became a Jets fan instead…) She seemed really happy, which in turn, made me super happy!

October is a serious month of birthdays…guess who’s birthday is tomorrow? I’ll give you a hint…his name starts with a K and I live with him. its a hard one, I’m sorry I couldnt give better clues. My family always jokes that October is such a busy baby month because they mustve been conceived around Valentines Day…which also traumatized me at the hint of when my parents conceived me…omaiga. Its no joke though…birthdays in October include me, my mom, my grandma, my two cousins, my aunt, Kevin, Kevins dad, my grandpa…etc…etc…etc. Not an easy month on the wallet!

Time for me to slink into bed…another 5 am workout on the docket.

Do you know a lot of people with October birthdays?

Do you agree that there is always room for cake?

In my opinion…always!!

Do you try and be careful when ordering at restaurants as well?