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Todays post is dedicated to my better half and partner in crime, my boyfriend Kevin!

IMG 1120

He’s a man who took me completely by surprise, but its one of those good, life changing surprises. We’ve been through so much together in the past year and I’ve been so honored to be able to see how much he has grown, especially since his last birthday. Each and every day he makes me want to be the best person I could be. I’m so insanely proud of him and I cant wait to celebrate many more birthdays together. Isnt it crazy that we are both Libras? I’d say that speaks volumes about the fact that we are able to keep each other in balance. I know he credits me with helping him change, but hes done every bit the same for me. He’s the most insanely caring, outgoing, sweetest person I have met, hands down. I’m a lucky girl, for reals 🙂

I kicked off this morning with a 5 mile hilly run on the treadmill. I had hoped to get some weights in there but woke up late…oooops! Oh well, I will get some weights in before spinning tomorrow morning.

As soon as I got home from work, I gave Kevin his birthday gift:

IMG 2618

I might’ve completely spoiled him by getting him a PS3 and Madden 12. But truthfully, its going to be something that I am sure we both utilize. I love playing video games as well so I’m planning on buying my own games for it. (don;t you just love those double sided gifts?) He was really surprised and excited, so i’m glad I made the choice that I did!

I also took him out to dinner at Due Mari in New Brunswick. The food was really good but oh gosh…the service, not so much. Everyone was really nice there but it took FOREVER for anything. We enjoyed it, but wouldve enjoyed it much more if it hadnt turned into a 3 hour dinner…

We started off with some bread and hummus that was complimentary

IMG 2607

I had a glass of wine and he had some non-alcoholic beer

IMG 2608

IMG 2609

We ordered calamari as an appetizer..it was really good. I let him choose whatever he wanted, i’m glad he made this choice 😉

IMG 2610

He ordered hangar steak and I ordered branzino with veggies…both dishes were delicious!

IMG 2611

IMG 2612

We rounded out the meal with espressos and a pumpkin tarte with gelato…very yummy!

IMG 2614

IMG 2617

Finally, we made our way home…and i’m blogging while Kevin is quickly setting up his PS3. I dont expect him to be getting sleep anytime soon but I’m about ready to hit the sack since I have spinning at 5:45 am tomorrow…gotta love those early morning workouts!

This week has been full of birthdays! I’m thrilled that i was able to celebrate with both my mom and my boy. I just love gift giving (omaiga, its probably why christmas is one of my favoritest holidays EVER!)

Kevin has thanked me a gagillion times already for making his day so special…and all I can tell him is that I love him and he makes everyday special for me, so its the least I can do…i’m a total cornball, I’ll admit 😉

Do you have any months that are just chockful of birthdays?

Oh boy, October is a doozy!

What are some of your pet peeves when you go out to eat?

Ay, probably my experience tonight…which is paying alot of money for the slowest service in the world, lol

Do you love gift giving as much as I do?!