I’m sure many of you have this experience…but do you know those weeks where you just dont feel that great about yourself? Maybe the scale is a little up, you havent been eating that well, your workouts havent been as strong as they couldve been? They happen once in a while for me and this week was definitely one of those weeks. This week was my “womanly” time..on top of birthdays with eating out, dessert, etc. I have been consciously trying to not do what I’ve done in the past…and thats completely beat up on myself, berate myself, feel sad to the point of crying because of just how poorly I feel about myself.

This…is something I am leaving behind in the past for good. So what if the scale is a little up? So what if i’m not feeling at my “skinniest” this week? Next week will be better, I will be back on my healthy grind and i’m going to kick booty in all my workouts. I will feel fabulous because hey, I AM fabulous!
Seriously, there is no point in the negativity. What do we gain by looking in the mirror and saying “ugh, i’m fat.” “ugh, I look gross” “ugh, I cant stand how anything looks on me!!”…no. I am looking towards the future and keeping on my routine as I always do. I will feel better…because these kind of weeks are really just speedbumps on the highway of maintenance. Its a long journey to actually accepting yourself, but I’d rather be on this kind of journey then on one of self hatred. I detest negativity. I have battled with depression all my life and negativity is the bane of my existence. I try my very hardest to be as positive as possible.
In other news, I woke up for spinning class this morning! I was looking forward to having a class with my favorite spinning instructor so imagine my disappointment to find a substitute teaching! Turns out, I really loved the substitute too…one of my two musts for an excellent spinning class is a good playlist and a hard workout and she achieved both, WORD!
I was a little excited over my lunch today…PB and nutella sammich on a sandwich thin!
IMG 0406
Served with a side of wheat thins that I gobbled down before I could capture a picture 😉
I am looking forward to a weekend of no solid plans…which is good in my book considering the past couple of weekends have been a little bit crazy. I cleaned my whole apartment and decided to be a good little girlfriend and make me and Kevin dinner…of course, he won’t be eating until he gets home from work later but I am sure he will appreciate the effort considering I usually never cook for him when he’s working, hahaha!
I cooked up some turkey sausage that we had in the freezer in a pan:
IMG 2619
Then I heated up the sauce we had frozen from a couple weeks ago and made some pasta…sprinkled a little bit of mozzarella..and voila, simple dinner! A+ for effort right? 😉
IMG 2621
IMG 2622
IMG 2625
I know that whole wheat pasta is supposedly the way to go…but I cant help it, when I eat whole wheat pasta the night before a run, it does nothing for me…but when I eat white pasta, its perfection. Does this happen to anyone else?!
Of course I needed dessert…pumpkin ice cream, yay!!!
IMG 2626
Not a bad friday night right?
So tell me guys…
How do you handle “those” kind of down weeks?
Anyone have any good plans for the weekend?