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I got to sleep at a decent time for a Friday night and got up “late” for me this morning…at 8 am 😉

I had a 12.5 mile run on the docket and I decided to do something a little different and start off with PB and nutella on a graham cracker…delicious:

IMG 2627

I might have a little obsession with this combination haha.

It was really chilly out this morning…around 47 degrees. I’m gonna admit, I’m a big baby when it comes to wearing shorts in cold weather, so when the temperature drops below 50, I put my running tights on. I invested in cold running gear last year and I’m glad I did…its expensive but so worth it. I used my great nike running shirt that I talked about last week and I use the UnderArmour coldgear running tights as my bottoms:

IMG 2628

These babies are great. They keep me warm but dont make me overheat when I run in this kind of weather. On the flip side, when its 10 degrees outside, they still keep me toasty 🙂

I had a great run…I had run out of my favorite cliff shot blocks but picked up swedish fish during my run and they worked just fine…I’ve used gummy bears and swedish fish in lieu of actual running nutrition and they still work great. instant carbs baby!!

Today was filled with tons of fun errands like food shopping and picking up cleaning supplies. I decided to keep my weekend pretty much free of actual plans after the last couple weekends of busy schedules. I’m glad I did!

Tonight me and Nina are having a Friday the 13th marathon. Me and Kev stopped at Best Buy today and picked up a great find…the box set with films 1-8!!

IMG 2629

Nina is scared of horror movies but I LOVE old school scary movies so she’s agreed to take my advice and watch these. I hate grisly horror movies but I adore classic/campy horror movies. I think they are alot of fun to watch especially with Halloween coming up next weekend! Nacho was thrilled:

IMG 2633

We’ve had some issues with him getting into the candy bowl in the living room lately 😦

IMG 2632

Last night, me and Kev left Nacho in the living room alone for a moment and came back and he had ripped into an Almond Joy and ate the whole thing except for the Almond…no bueno. I wouldve been more worried if it had been a Mounds considering that its dark chocolate 😦 But he turned out fine..still, he cannot be trusted. I guess he must be picking up on my candy addiction…lol

Nina also bought Kevins birthday gift, I think he’ll be happy to open it..with such a great wrapping job and everything!

IMG 2630

I feel sorry for you guys when you have to suffer through my christmas wrapping debacles. I’m the worst wrapper in the world so this is a serious pro job in my eyes. I try to just avoid this altogether by stuffing my presents into gift bags.

Nina also brought a treat for me as well:


IMG 2631

OH yeah, first candy corn consumption of the season!

Yay!!! onto our movie marathon…hope you guys are having a great Saturday night!

Do you guys enjoy horror movies, if so..what kinds?!

If you have pets, do they enjoy attacking candy?

Are you excited about Halloween coming up?