I dont think i’ve showed you guys this before…but this is exactly how I got Kevin to fall in love with me…

IMG 2643

Pretty sexy right?

This is my trust headlamp that I use to run either early in the morning or at night. I am seriously blind and have no idea how people run in the dark without this. I’m very careful about running around in the dark, especially since it can be very dangerous for runners. My town is really safe, otherwise, I would just treadmill it alot more often. I stick to busy roads so that there are cars constantly around. I wear bright, reflective clothing and of course, I bring my headlamp. I still am always on alert though…just because I’m being safe doesnt necessarily mean that drivers out there are being attentive. I cant tell you how many times i’ve had to dodge cars even during the day :/

In other news, I had some gifts cards to my running specialty store so I decided to browse around yesterday before the Jets game. I even dragged Kevin along, he was thrilled. I decided on a case of shot blocks:

IMG 2644

I also bought a new running shirt. I definitely needed some more workout tops…I hate using plain Ts to workout, I’m a sweaty, smelly and COLD mess by the end when I wear regular T’s, lol.

IMG 2645

I’m thinking I will wear this to spinning tomorrow morning!

Even though it was a chill weekend, it still went by incredibly fast. And then monday went by incredibly slowwww. I was excited to try the new cereal I bought though:

IMG 0408

I really loved this cereal..i think i’m going to mix it into yogurt and then it would be even more perfection, nomnomnom.

I went for a 7 mile easy easy run right after work…it went well. I’m still lovin the fall weather…its getting chillier out!

Guess what I had for dinner?

IMG 2647

I’m a wingaholic, I cant help it. Its good protein though right? 😉 I also roasted some broccoli with garlic as my side dish…needed to get some veggies in there!


Ahhhh and I cant believe its Halloween this weekend already. I have no plans as of yet and no costume so this should definitely be interesting…

So tell me…

Do you run at night? If so, what kind of precautions do you take?

Are you excited for Halloween? Do you have your costume picked out yet?