I know its been a couple of days, but I felt like I needed to maybe decompress a little bit. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by just the sheer amount of things that I had on my daily to-do list. I’m ready to spring back into action but unfortunately that means this post is going to be filled with random pictures of food from the past couple of days because I even slacked off in taking pictures 😦 forgive me, i’ll make it up to you in wings.

This weekend was a completely chill but odd one considering we had a snowstorm here in October. Friday night was spent cleaning for the most part and then me and Kev shared a bucket of heaven:

IMG 2659

Ahhh popcorn, how I love thee!

Saturday morning the plan was to get up early and do a long run outside. I was hoping I would get lucky and it would only slightly be drizzling when I went out but that was definitely not the case. It was raining steadily and it was cold and windy. I decided for the first time EVER to hit up the gym and do my long run on the treadmill. I didnt know how it would go…considering the longest run I’ve ever done on a treadmill has been 9 miles and it was pure torture. This time I was armed with Love Actually on the iPad and gatorade, shot blocks, the works. It really wasnt that bad but for some reason I felt myself more fatigued by the treadmill then when I do my runs outside. Pretty weird huh? I banged out 12 miles and I was glad by the end that I didnt decide to try to brave the elements outside. I was in awe when I left the gym about the fact that it was already snowing heavily. Whatever happened to fall?

Since the weather was completely craptastic on Saturday, I ran to the supermarket to grab ingredients to make Taco Lasagna (a recipe that I had been inspired to use by Not-so-Domesticated!

I used the same recipe but decided to try out ground chicken instead of beef. This recipe was realllly good!

IMG 2660

IMG 2661

IMG 2662

It was great fun comfort food during the snowstorm. My sister appreciated it…and Kevins job closed early on saturday night so he was able to come home to a warm meal as well πŸ™‚ We all watched more Friday the 13th together, twas a very fun night.

Sunday was sunny and clear, imagine that. It was a family filled sunday…me and Kev drove to union to visit my parents for a little bit. My aunt was over visiting my mom for her birthday that she wasnt able to attend. It was nice seeing everyone. Then we had to head back down to our town to have dinner with Kevins family. His aunt and uncle were visiting from Tennessee and we only get to see them sparsely throughout the year. It was a really great dinner…and I completely regret not taking any pictures!

Today is Halloween and can you believe I’ve barely eaten any candy today? Its hard information to digest, I know!

I didnt get a chance to really dress up this Halloween but Kevin promised me we will go all out next year costume wise. I love Halloween! I went for a 7 mile run this evening and it was alot of fun to see all the trick or treaters out and about!

Go figure, Halloween is the only day of the year that we dont have a bowl of candy lying around?!

Dinner was leftovers from last night πŸ˜‰ I had a steak topped with gorgonzola with a bit of mashed potatoes and veggies.

IMG 2667

Its going to be awesome fuel for spinning tomorrow right?

Sooo like I said, this post was completely random. I wish I had taken more pictures over the weekend, I wont be making that mistake again.

I cant believe its November tomorrow, where does the time go?

What did you do to celebrate Halloween? Any super fun costumes out there?

What do you do to help decompress when you are feeling overwhelmed?

Usually I run, but even that wasnt helping me this time around!