I forgot I had taken this picture on Saturday night:

IMG 0552

Awww my little munchkin. Nacho is the best dog in the world (to me)…although I’d never bring him around you guys because hes feisty and snippity. A very typical male chihuahua if you will. I dont know why I’ve always been in love with chihuahuas since I was little…but I guess chihuahuas are kind of hit or miss for some people. I personally enjoy having a dog that is smaller…but I think that when me and Kevin get another dog together down the line (since Nacho was mine originally to begin with), it will probably end up being a bigger breed. Hopefully one that I can run with! 🙂 Nacho is quick but smaller dogs are not built for that kind of activity. They get enough exercise on their little legs just running around the apartment.

Despite Nacho being snippity, he’s the most loyal and loving dog that you’ve ever known. He doesnt warm up to many people and especially not right away…it usually takes a couple times of him meeting you to start being semi-tolerant. Imagine my surprise when he met Kevin…and jumped right into his lap. Not a bark, not a sound out of him. I think thats probably when I got the hint that I had chosen the right guy 😉 Kevin was the one who ended up encouraging me to have Nacho live with us in our new apartment, since he had lived with my parents for the past couple of years. And now, Nacho follows Kevin around everywhere. Its the most adorable thing in the world. Kevin loves the dog and I think its great practice for when we get another dog together down the line. For now, I think we at full capacity with our two cats and the dog. It definitely makes life interesting though. I know many of you readers are dog lovers out there…so i’m sure you understand just how much in love with your dog you can be. Its a wonderful feeling!

Now moving on from my mushy ramblings about my dog…

I got up for spinning class and weights this morning. This spin teacher has…interesting taste in music. She’ll play some really old weird songs and then add songs like, Weezer’s “Say it Aint So” into the mix. It actually made me giggle just a little bit this morning. The workout was a good one regardless of the random music, haha.

I had a luna bar after my workout…its been a while, I forgot how good this flavor was:

IMG 0553

I used to eat these all the time but then I stopped for some reason…might have to wiggle these in there once in a while. However…I do kind of think some Larabar flavors kick Luna bars booty.

I heated up some leftover taco lasagna for lunch:

IMG 0554

This kept me full all afternoon…the only downside was still having the scent of it around my desk for at least another hour 😉 I’m glad it still tasted just as delicious 3 days later. I’m hoping to pack some up for tomorrow lunch too!

I’ve been getting into reading this book:

IMG 0547


Not the best picture ever, thankkkks iPhone! Its the third installment in the triology…and so far, i’m not sure i’m liking it as much as I enjoyed the second one. I’m finding it a little harder to follow but I’m sure I will get into eventually…it took me a while to get into The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo initially as well.

I’m happy to say that Tuesday flew by a lot quicker then Monday. I never really mind Tuesdays…and even though it got some taking used to with the early workouts…I’m enjoying my free Tuesday nights. I got to catch up on a little DVR, plopped in front of my couch with a bowl of a cereal I was trying for the first time:

IMG 2673

Can you say NOMNOM? I enjoy this one just as much as the original frosted mini-wheats. YUM. Hopefully this will provide some good carbs for my 7 mile run tomorrow morning..and if that doesnt help i’m sure the bowl I had of this will:

IMG 2674

Or maybe the fact that I threw some reeses pieces in with it..(Hey, PB is PB!)

IMG 0555

I joked around with Kev today that this bag represents our candy marriage in a bag…Reeses PB cups is his favorite candy and Almond Joy is mine 😉

And just because I love being random, I’ll end this in awe of the fact that the Hello Kitty balloon that Nina got me for my 1/2 marathon is still alive and thriving:

IMG 2671

Now you know this balloon was worth every penny if you’re reading Nina!!

Has a balloon ever lasted for you more then a month?!

Whats your favorite cereal to eat for dinner?

Do you own a dog? Do tell!