Waking up at 5 am is never easy.

Ugh, after forcing myself out of bed I headed to the gym to run 7 miles. It wasnt too bad, I watched Cruel Intentions on the iPad. Remember how good that movie was?

27344 Cruel Intentions

hahaha, I cant believe how young they all are in this movie! This makes me super nostalgic for my high school years.

Work went by decently. However, my foot is still sore and i’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do about it yet. I cut down my mileage a little bit but my heel has been throbbing despite the golf ball massages. I dont feel it right after my run…but a little later if i’m off my feet for a bit…then I feel it terribly. I joked with Kev that my coworkers must think that I’m crazy walking around with a limp constantly 😦

I need to get more diligent about icing and massaging. Its also probably about time for a new pair of sneakers. Thank gosh for birthday gift cards.

Speaking of birthdays…

Kevin had a coupon to Benihana for his birthday and it expired today so we decided to make good use out of it. It was pretty good, I tried the salmon for the first time…which was cooked on the grill in a bag with veggies, which I found interesting. By the time it was done cooking, it looked like the bag would pop at any second. The seasoning was perfect though and I’m thoroughly in love with Hibachi vegetables:

IMG 2675

IMG 2677

IMG 2678

IMG 2679

IMG 2682

IMG 2683

Kevin was the one who went for the beef teriyaki. They surprised him by singing happy birthday to him at the end 😉 Not embarrassing for him at all.

IMG 2684

Ahhhh…I feel thoroughly stuffed and I have convinced myself that the pound of rice I ate will be awesome fuel for tomorrow morning’s 5 mile run.

And to leave you off on another random note…Fifa says…”Only you can prevent forest fires”.

IMG 2686

So tell me…

Do you enjoy Hibachi?

Are you currently being nagged by an injury?

Do you like green tea ice cream?