I’d like to introduce you guys to the love of my life…the perfection that I experienced last night:

IMG 2687

French Silk slow churned ice cream with light cool whip, light hersheys syrup and reeses pieces. ohhh yeah. I was able to sleep like a baby after that.

I woke up at 530 am to bust out a 5 mile hill run on the treadmill. Kevin completely forgot to put another movie on my iPad so I decided to rent one from iTunes to get me through my run:

IMG 2697

Its a little pricey considering that they only give you 24 hours to watch…but in the case of this movie it was actually REALLY good. I’m seriously loving my iPad so far!

Work was a bit stressful today…seriously, I was ready to come home and be a vegetable but me and Kev had so many errands to run that it was impossible to do so. At least Kevin agreed to get saladworks for dinner, SCORE!

IMG 2689

IMG 2690

I had the buffalo bleu salad (naturally) and Kevin had the cabo jack salad. Both were very good…obviously the glass of wine was necessary on the side for me. These salads are expensive but I’m such a sucker for the buffalo bleu and sophie salad there that I suck it up and pay the 9.00 or a salad. I think if I could have one wish come true, it might be that I could have a crazy saladworks salad bar in my kitchen, fully stocked at all times. My mind is blown by the possibilities….

I have a crazy but fun weekend ahead of me. Tomorrow I have a half day from work so I will be getting a 13 mile run in before I head up to my best friend Demas apartment to celebrate her 27th birthday.She’s having a fun girls only PJ party so expect alot of good pictures in the next couple of days πŸ˜‰ i LOVE girls nights and its been forever since we’ve had one. Add wine and cheese and junk food into the equation and I’m completely sold!

And for my random note of the day, I am officially in love with my new winter coat:

IMG 2688

I love the color, the fit, the fact that I got it on sale, basically everything about it πŸ™‚ Thats comforting considering I am SO oddly proportioned that it always makes it hard for me to buy coats or dresses that fit properly 😦

Do you guys pay way too much for a decent salad sometimes or just opt to make your own at home?

Are you oddly proportioned or do you have difficulty finding certain clothes to fit you?

Whats your dream kind of girls night?