Its that wonderful time of year where everyone is sick..and I mean everyone. I hear people coughing all over the office…my sister was feeling under the weather over the weekend as were various friends of mine.

Usually I feel like superwoman. When I was overweight, I used to get sick at least a couple times a year. Since i’ve been active and lost my weight and try to eat healthy…I get sick rarely. Once a year at most. Well…I woke up yesterday with my throat feeling a little scratchy but didnt think much of it. Then when I laid down to get to bed…I started feeling a little weak and feverish. I had hoped I would sleep it off.

I woke up feeling eh…but went to spinning class at 5:45 am as planned. I did 20 minutes of resistance training on my legs after that. When I finally got to work after showering…it hit me. I felt like complete crap. Its that period where you are kind of sick but its not full blown yet. I felt a bit feverish, weak, and my chest/throat was really scratchy. UGH!

I made a plan to pick up some medicine on my lunch break. If you can believe it, I have no medicine at my office or around our apartment. I had dumped alot of our medicine when we moved because it was mostly expired. Yup, me and Kev rarely get sick…which is kind of inconvenient for being prepared when you actually ARE sick πŸ˜‰

I figured my Starbucks christmas cup would cheer me up..I had to stop and grab coffee this morning since I was all out at home:

IMG 0562

Oh…it cheered me up, until I burnt my tongue on the scalding hot coffee. This day wasnt off to the best start.

So now that my taste buds were burnt off, I could barely taste the new cereal I was so happy to get to try today:

IMG 0564

I put a banana on top of my cereal and it all tasted like nothingness. Lovely. The good part though is I noticed that this turned my milk chocolate by the time it was done. Now I cant wait to actually give this a taste when i’m feeling better!

Ahhh I was so happy to grab these reinforcements:

IMG 0568

As soon as I got back to work I realized I shouldve just went for DayQuil because this medicine isnt really for fever or acheyness. Oh well, I took some Advil along with it and I’m hoping for the best.

There is seriously nothing better to me then soup when I’m sick. I know, I know, why would I ever get something HOT when I just burnt my tongue this morning? Humor me, I pretended the soup tasted like wings:

IMG 0566

Once the oyster crackers got soggy, they were absolute perfection.

I paired it with an apple because you know what they say…an apple a day keeps the doctor away. I probably shouldve taken that advice before I had gotten sick though.

IMG 0567

p.s. Gala apples are completely inferior to Honeycrisp apples. Just sayin.

Soooo….the plan was to wake up tomorrow to get 7 miles in on the treadmill but now I’m just gonna play it by ear. I popped a sweet potato the size of my head in the oven for dinner, since I’m under the solid belief that sweet potatoes are a super miracle food. I also took the best shot of medicine ever as soon as I was done with that:

IMG 2741

Nah sorry, medicine still tastes like garbage to me.

My plan is to get to sleep as early as possible and still wake up tomorrow and see how I feel. If i feel really bad, I will just skip the gym. If I feel kind of ok, I will do a lighter workout then planned. If i feel magically better (which..I kind of doubt unfortunately) then I will continue on with the 7 miles. I hate when getting sick gets in the way of my endorphins!

What do you guys do when you are sick? Do you still troop through a workout?

Any good recommendations for a medicine that covers all my bases?

Whats your favorite way to eat a sweet potato?

Oh gosh, I love every way but if I had to choose, baked all the way with butter and cinnamon baby!!

Here’s hoping to feeling better tomorrow πŸ™‚