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Ahhh, like I had said earlier, yesterday was pretty uneventful except for me being sick. I shouldve just blogged about how gorgeous and beautiful I felt yesterday, because that wouldve been reality! All kidding aside, It was alot of runny nose and coughing action and i’m sure my co-workers appreciated me coming into work despite being sick all week. Thursday is mine and Kev’s date night so I decided I was going to force myself to go out since I hadnt seen him all week and the thought of cooking made me feel sad inside. I suggested Bonefish since we hadnt gone in a while.


Ohhh the meal was delicious. You do know its required to eat the bang bang shrimp whenever you come here, right?

IMG 2766


They also gave us ridiculously delicious warm bread with pesto to dip it into:

IMG 2765

Kevin was pretty souped!

IMG 2764

He ended up getting a sirloin with crab cake and veggies

IMG 2767

I had tilapia with veggies and spaghetti squash…it was my first time EVER trying it and I enjoyed it!

IMG 2768

IMG 2771

It was a really great dinner. We came back and watched Dexter and Boardwalk Empire and the Office on the DVR and called it a night.

I woke up with my throat feeling swollen and scratchy..but no feverish/weakness so I was happy about that at least. I went to spinning but my nose was running so I felt gross and didnt work out as hard as I would have liked. Oh well…I’ve been pretty active this week considering how sick I’ve been so I cant complain. I also squeezed in 25 minutes of shoulder/bicep/tricep work.

I was supposed to go see Puss in Boots tonight with Nina and Caroline/Ron but it didnt end up working out. I still am not feeling 100% so I thought itd be better to stay in and rest rather then getting anyone else sick. Caroline was stressed with work and couldnt make it. I’ll have to make it up to Nina tomorrow!

I ended up getting home and cleaning up the apartment. I quickly ran to the running store in my town,Road Runner Sports, since I had another gift card from Kevins parents for my birthday. They also know the key to my heart 🙂 I ended up making out like a bandit because I had a 10.00 coupon and they also gave me 11.00 off my order since it is 11/11/11. Pretty sweet! I decided to go for a new pair of running shoes since I hadnt bought a new pair since July (Asics) and I felt like they were wearing down. I’ve finally decided after trying MANY different brands of shoes, that my absolute favorite are Brooks! I went with the Brooks Adrenaline 12s that just came out!

IMG 2778

Cant wait to take them out for a run tomorrow! I’m hoping I feel 95% because I would optimally like to do the run outdoors, but it will be 40 degrees and I will need to see how my chest feels tomorrow. Le boo. Crossing fingers!

On a side note, I cant stress how important it is to get your foot analyzed by a specialty running store in order to find the perfect shoe for YOU! I would be lost and probably injured if I hadnt gotten it done.

I also picked this up, in hopes it will help with my heel issues:

IMG 2779

Now, I’m not entirely sure that I have Plantar Fasciitis…but I’ve read alot about it and its certainly possible. My heel isnt feeling too bad this week because of my decreased mileage and I’ve also been religiously massaging with my golf ball. I’m gonna try this out tonight and see how it feels. I’m planning on 10.5 miles tomorrow morning.

Dinner was grilled cheese on a flaxseed sandwich thin..once slice pepper jack, one slice american, turkey pepperoni..i was in heaven!

IMG 2781

IMG 2782

Served with a side of Alexia Sweet Potato Fries!

IMG 2783

Should be awesome running fuel for tomorrow!

Tell me…

Whats your favorite way to make grilled cheese?

Kevin introduced me to putting light mayo on the outside instead of butter…its so much better! Are we the only weirdos who do this? Besides that, I love it with pepper jack, sooo good!!

Do you have a favorite brand of running shoe?