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I missed you guys! I’m sorry I wasnt able to post yesterday but we got home really late from Kevins moms birthday dinner and I just didnt have the energy figuring that I had to wake up at 5 am the next morning for a workout 😦

Yesterday morning started with a great 7 mile run on the treadmill while watching the rest of Fever Pitch and some of Never Been Kissed…on a Drew Barrymore kick much? I LOVE her though, cant lie!

I had a breakfast of a banana with a smidge of nutella and an everything Bagel Thin with PB and cream cheese and a packet of jelly that I was ridiculously happy to find in my work kitchen. Please dont mind the bites taken out of these already:

IMG 2813

I was maybe a little too hungry.

I was excited to have dinner for Mama Schaibles birthday. Me and Kev ordered her flowers and so did her sister so she was muchly loved on her special day. We met up at Kevins sisters house and went out to dinner around there.

IMG 2814

IMG 2815IMG 2816

I started with a salad with balsamic vinegeratte

IMG 2817

IMG 2818

We had an appetizer of calamari and mozzarella sticks 🙂 yum!

IMG 2819

I had grilled salmon with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and linguine…soooo good!

IMG 2822

Kevins nephew Colin…maybe one of the cutest kids I’ve ever met in my life. I love him to pieces.

We had coffee and apple crumb dessert at his sisters house to end the night. I cant think of any better time than having good food and family around you 🙂

I woke up for an awesome 6 mile run this morning at 5 am. I love starting the day with a good run…when it actually goes well. Of course, when I eat a good meal like that, I feel so powerful and strong…I love it 🙂

We had Jets football tonight, which I was excited about but I was exhausted by the time I go home…omaiga.

You know what wakes me up the best? The promise of football, wings, and subs 🙂

IMG 2823


IMG 2825IMG 2824

Oops…Rice Krispie Treats worked their way in there somehow 😉 My sweet tooth isnt in play in here whatsoever!

I have a good 2 hour workout coming up in my future tomorrow night.

I’m superhappyface in my tummy right now.