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It’s been too long!!

There’s a few reasons why I wasnt able to blog last week…the big one was that the SD card port on my computer wasnt working and I was having trouble finding the actual usb cord to my camera…thus rendering my blog useless since I couldnt get pictures to it!

The other being that me and Kev made a very large purchase together last week and I couldnt wait to share it with you guys 🙂

We decided to say goodbye to Black Betty (my 2000 Ford Focus that just hit over 200,000 miles?)

IMG 2834

The car was still running, but barely. We wouldnt risk driving it around too far, it was mostly just useful in getting me and Kev to work and back. If we wanted to actually take a trip anywhere, we would rent a car, or borrow one of our parents cars. Both of our credit histories were marred but we had been repairing them for years and we decided to take the plunge and invest in a car together.

IMG 2836

Its a brand spanking new 2012 Nissan Rogue…which we are both really happy and in love with. Kevin doesnt have a license for a while, so i’m the chauffeur in this relationship 😉 I wanted a good sized car that could be dependable in winter, especially with the last couple of harsh winters that we’ve had in recent years. My job is also one of those that never closes even when its really crappy outside, so its nice to have a car where I dont feel like i’m 100% risking my life by trying to get there, haha 🙂

Highlights of my week include:

We had a friendsgiving dinner last weekend…there was alot of food, in which I barely took any pictures of, because i fail at life sometimes. I did snag these two pics though:

IMG 2828IMG 2831

I made hot cheese olives, asparagus stuffed rice, sweet potato casserole and cornbread stuffing. We also had regular mashed potatoes, pulled pork, turkey and gravy, and about 50 pounds of cookies and cupcakes 🙂 It was my kind of night!

Please excuse the random pictures i’m about to ambush you with, there is no rhyme or reason, i was just amused that these were the pictures I ended up having on my camera by the end of the week.

IMG 0585

Diner Breakfast!!

IMG 2830

You better believe these are the best apples I have ever tasted by far!

IMG 2833

I got Kevin to go to the gym with me on Thanksgiving…which is about the 2nd time hes gone since he signed up in September. Progress people, baby steps!

IMG 0583

Didnt end up buying it, but I was totally tempted to stick it on my christmas list…


IMG 2839

This is how they passed the time as I cleaned the apartment all day saturday.

IMG 2837

IMG 2838

Ahem, the best snack I have ever laid my taste buds on.

IMG 2827

The whole wheat pumpkin pancakes make for excellent re-heating and even better post run long refueling. Another big piece of news is that I hit 2 PDRs in the past two weeks.

Last weekend I ran 14 miles and this past weekend I ran 15 miles 🙂 Marathon training wont even stand a chance. I’m really excited to push myself and continue to challenge myself in new ways!

IMG 2835


Ahhhh I’m furthering my love affair with Chobani…I tried out the pomegranate flavor and put some chocolate chips on top to mix in. Does anyone else find it weird that they put actual seeds at the bottom? I was very careful with eating this, I live on the edge baby.

IMG 2840

Oh come on, you knew wings were part of my week somehow 😉

Thanksgiving was great, we spent half of it with Kevs family and the other half with mine and we were sufficiently stuffed…or overstuffed, however you’d like to put it. We also saw the muppets together and it was really adorable. I cant get the “manamana” song stuck out of my head, but humming and singing it around randomly has upped my coolness points quite a bit.

Life is really awesome right now…I missed you guys, and I love having you along for the ride. I cant take the separation anxiety, I suppose this is what it feels like to be an actual blogger 🙂

How was everyones Thanksgiving, I wasnt the only one who ate 50 pounds of food that day, right?

Whats your favorite part about the Holidays?

I love the music and the decorating…and the buying lots of gifts for people 🙂