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I woke up to my alarm at 530 and was incredibly tempted to work out during lunch instead but I decided to force myself out of bed because I didnt want to split up my runs for the day again (like I did on monday).

I felt more awake then Tuesday, but as soon as I hopped on the treadmill, I felt devoid of energy. I decided to run a slower, easier run (10:00 pace) but after 7 miles I kind of felt like this…

IMG 2165

I was beat 😦 But i’m not gonna beat myself up over it. I’m glad I at least got some kind of a workout in…and thats what really counts. I’ve learned that sometimes your body needs to take it easy. Especially when you are super active!

I came home, scarfed down a banana and headed to work.

Work was pure insanity today…I barely got an opportunity to breathe. Can we please skip to Friday? I cant believe its almost December and Christmas is just mere weeks away. I’m nervous about finishing christmas shopping but excited for the holidays!

I picked up one of my favorite Starbucks blends of the year:

IMG 2850

Ohhh this stuff is real good. I cant wait to smell this roasting tomorrow morning 🙂

I ordered two dresses on modcloth on Black Friday and they came in today. I bought one for christmas eve and one for new years, so I’m going to need your guys help on deciding which one to wear for which! i’ll post pics soon.

In other exciting news, I had an egg beater omelette on a sandwich thin but scarfed it down before I could take a picture. oops ;D

IMG 2859

I washed that down with a little bowl of ice cream:

IMG 2857

I was also multitasking and using my foot wheel while enjoying my ice cream. I also spared you guys a picture of my feet, consider it an early christmas gift.

IMG 2856

I need to keep up with this in order for my foot to get better…discipline Theresa, discipline.

Time to completely veg out…i’m spent!

How do you deal with your “off” days in your workout routines?

Do you have a favorite blend of coffee?