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Sorry about yesterday my loves…I didnt end up crawling into bed until way past my bedtime and I was too exhausted to even glance at my computer…I’ll explain why in just a few šŸ˜‰

Got to sleep in a little bit yesterday because I decided I would do 5 miles on the treadmill during my lunch break instead. I felt really well rested, it was very niceeee.

Work was stressful yet again, but the run I had went very well. I did a little speedwork while watching Batman Returns on my iPad…I realized I probably looked very silly but oh well…I love distracting myself as much as possible while on the treadmill!

I had a strawberry chobani yogurt with almonds and mini nilla wafers mixed in. Delish!!

IMG 0591

Kevin had off of work last night so when I asked him what he had in mind for dinner and he said “Saladworks?” I completely melted. This boy is totally my soulmate, just sayin.

IMG 2860

Classy…I needed a glass of wine last night after the week I’ve had. Are you digging the retro couch that we’ve acquired? We’ve parted ways with the other grandma couch because the cats tore it to pieces…which is what they are already starting to do to this couch as well šŸ˜¦ I need to get more scratching posts or something…very annoying in the meantime.

We decided to go and see the Harold and Kumar Christmas in 3D movie. I really enjoyed the first two so figured this would be awesome…andddd I was wrong. The movie had some funny parts but they were scarce compared to the first two films. I found myself cringing more then anything else. It was kind of disappointing considering that the tickets were 14.00…blah.

I’m going to see Breaking Dawn with Caroline finally on saturday. At least then I’ll expect the movie to be bad…hahaha šŸ™‚ I love that its so bad though, it cracks me up.

We didnt get home till late so I just crashed…I had to be up at 5:20 am for spinning…gulp. Miraculously, I forced myself to roll out of bed and make it on time. I was souped because my favorite instructor was teaching and then I was happy I got out of bed. This workout was hardcore and I was sweating like…ridiculously. It was FABULOUS! šŸ˜‰ I finished off with 20 minutes of arm and back strength training. I felt good about my workout.

Work was a bit more mild today, but still so busy. I’m grateful its finally the weekend!

I cleaned and ran some errands as soon as I got home. Exciting stuff, I know.

I decided on something a little different for dinner…I made two Eggo multigrain blueberry waffles and poured a little syrup on them…then I made myself egg whites, stuck them in the middle and made a sandwich. Sweet and savory…really good!!

IMG 2863

I decided to try out these sweet potato tator tots I found at Target tonight:

IMG 2865

They were really good, I definitely enjoyed them. Tator tots bring out the inner child in me for some reason, haha.

I refilled our candy dish today and think I mightve gone a little overboard…

IMG 2861

If you havent tried the Lindt Chili chocolate you are completely missing it. Its not something you can eat a ton of at once, but its a ridiculously good chocolate to just plain nibble on. Do yourself a favor and try it soon. YUM!

Oh, I cant believe I almost forgot…I went to the running store tonight because I needed a new running hat. I had bought one last year and cant find it anywhere so figured I should be prepared for tomorrow to be super chilly in the morning..I found a cute one:

IMG 2862

Asics makes good quality stuff so i’m crossing my fingers. I’ll let ya know how it works out after tomorrows long run…15 miles on the docket. I think all carbo-loading I did tonight is gonna come in handy. Why do I always get geeked out by running gear? Its even better then buying normal people clothes šŸ˜‰

Have a great Friday night!!!

Any good plans tonight?

Whats YOUR favorite chocolate?

Whats the last crappy movie you saw?