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This weekend was excellent, there are really not many words to describe it.

It not only marked the 5 year anniversary of my weight loss and maintenance, it also marked me and Kevins two year anniversary. I was excited πŸ™‚ My experiences over the past couple of years have really shaped me into a person that is much more at ease with myself.

I started of Saturday with a long run of 15 miles. It went really well and I’m happy to say that the asics hat I had bought on Friday night worked out really well! It kept me warm without making me overheat, which is important in winter running gear.

When I came home, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Kev had gotten me flowers a day shy of our anniversary!

IMG 2868

I had to laugh because me and Kev have a running joke about the fact that he had never sent me flowers in the time we’ve been dating…he obviously took me super serious when I told him I wasnt a huge fan of flowers…I didnt really care, I just thought it was funny and even more fun to tease him about. The sneaky one showed me up by sending them a day early so I can never say it took him 2 years to send me flowers πŸ˜‰

I made my way to the kitchen and downed a gallon of chocolate milk and Kev made me an egg beater sandwich:

IMG 2867

I never get really hungry after my long runs and it held even more true that day…I didnt get hungry until much later on during the night. I went with Caroline to see Breaking Dawn and it was just as terrible as I had hoped it would be…in all its cheesy glory!

Kev got out of work early and our friend Dusan came to hang out at our apartment…it was a good, chill night filled with friends, my favorite kind of night.

Me and Kev woke up early because we had reservations for brunch in Princeton. We had never tried this place before but we had seen great reviews…we were excited to try it either way.

IMG 2874


IMG 2875

This place was tucked away from the main hustle and bustle of downtown. The decor was really nice inside and the food was definitely interesting brunch wise…everything was homemade and delicious!

IMG 2869

IMG 2870

The homemade bread was soooo delish.

We had an appetizer of warm goat cheese and caramelized onions:

IMG 2871

I ordered the eggs benedict with pork:

IMG 2872

Kev had homemade sausage and poached


IMG 2873

Yummy meal and romantic atmosphere…perfection.

We watched the Jets beat the Redskins, it was shaping to be a good anniversary! We decided to be a chill for the day…we just bought the car and christmas is coming up so we werent up for spending a ton of money right now, lol. It was still such a special and wonderful day…Kevin made me a dinner of stuffed shells with alfredo sauce…and another tray with vodka sauce…we also made sides of roasted broccoli and garlic bread. Very delicious πŸ™‚

IMG 2877

IMG 2879

I am feeling on cloud 9 right now and feeling like the luckiest girl in the world πŸ™‚ Here’s to the start of a new week!