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Cake Pops seem to be all the rage nowadays dont they? They even sell them in Starbucks now!

I discovered them by stumbling upon Bakerella’s Cake Pop book one day and I was intrigued. I decided to make them for the first time last March for my friend Carolines birthday. They are time consuming and some of the projects can be difficult but I think i’ve learned a lot over the few times I’ve made them. I wanted to help Kevins sister out for Colins birthday and figured this was a good opportunity to dig into a more intricate cake pop project.

You can find the basic instructions on how to make these onΒ Bakerella’s website.

IMG 2892

I refrigerated mine overnight and it made them much easier and sturdier to work with the next day. I also have a Wilton chocolate melter which makes it pretty easy to work with the Candy Melts. First step was dipping the sticks into the melts and inserting them into the balls!

IMG 2893

IMG 2894

IMG 2896

I use vegetable oil to mix in with the melts to thin it out a little. You just need to pour a little in and adjust as needed. You can use crisco as well. The melts are pretty thick when you melt them down at first. After inserting the sticks, I refrigerated them for another 10 minutes while I organized bowls with the candy eyes, dark chocolate melts chopped in half for the mouth, and jellybeans cut in half for the nose.

IMG 2897

You dip them and while they are still wet, you affix the eyes, nose and mouth quickly. Now…we werent smart when it came to bringing up a picture of Elmo beforehand so that we would know the space the eyes close together. This ended up in some rather unfortunate looking pops 😦 I think they still turned out pretty decent though. Best part is getting to eat the rejects!

IMG 2898

IMG 2900

IMG 2903

I woke up the next morning and wrapped them up nicely and organized a basket for Marianne (Kevs sister). Before the party, I got in a 11 mile run πŸ™‚

The party was Elmo themed of course and we all had a blast helping Colin celebrate his 2nd birthday!

IMG 2918

IMG 2914

IMG 2924

IMG 2909

IMG 2910

IMG 2911

IMG 2912

IMG 2929

IMG 2927

You better believe I was tempted to jump in headfirst into that cake (it was ICE CREAM!!!) but I controlled myself and housed a piece of that deliciousness. πŸ˜‰

This week is getting off to an odd start because I havent been feeling great…cant believe it considering I was just sick a month ago. I’m fighting it off with all of my might though.

I’ve been still reading all your blogs and things have been crazy, I’m thinking my new years resolution need to include focusing more on blogging along with signing up for my first marathon. This time of the year is just INSANE!

Workout this morning was 7 miles easy since I wasnt feeling too great.

Guess what the highlight of my day was?

IMG 2933

MMMM!!! I bought this new organic maple & brown sugar oatmeal (i didnt take a pic of the box because I suck, but I’ll remember to do that tomorrow) and mixed in raisins and a small spoonful of nutella. It gave a great pop of flavor! I hate to admit it, but I’m completely freaked out about putting PB in my oatmeal. Something about the flavor combination completely throws me off 😦

Tell me…

Have you seen some interesting cake pop projects before?

What are your favorite oatmeal add-ins?

Do you find this time of year as crazy as I do??