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Seriously, how do I get myself motivated to blog when I have this little poopface next to me?

IMG 3008

What I wouldnt give to curl up right now and sleep all day!

Today was my first monday back to work in two weeks, sadface. I was lucky and only had to deal with 4 day workweeks for the past two weeks because of the holidays. A full workweek ahead?! Oh the horror!

I’ve found a breakfast that can actually make me look forward to waking up, amazingness.

IMG 0620

I’ve only just begun my obsession with greek yogurt. This is my favorite flavor by FAR. I always thought i’d be more impartial towards the 2% flavors since I didnt feel the 0% truly matched up to flavor and creamyness but oh gosh. This one is too good for words. I crush up mini nillas into mine…although I ran out now, so almonds it is from now on. YUM!

I saw a tweet go out from Runners World today about what intimidates us most about running, and it really got me thinking.

I’ve been running for almost 4 years this September now and what a journey its been…

IMG 1030

IMG 2421


As you all know, i’m gearing up to sign up for my first marathon and i’m gonna admit something to you…i’m scared to death.

I’m sure I could’ve signed up last year but truth is, I chickened out. I was too scared of not being able to finish and of getting injured during training. The most intimidating part of running to me is letting myself down. I know i’m not the fastest runner out there (not even by a long-shot) but I’ve prided myself on being dedicated to the sport. A lot of my perseverance has to do with the fact that running is my form of therapy. I need to face my fears of disappointing myself and take this next step…I think it will be far more disappointing to hold myself back rather then take this chance. If I can lose 200 pounds, I should be able to run a marathon right? I need to train smart and I know deep down it will work out. I need to get this off my bucket list and turn this into reality! 🙂

That being said, today’s workout included 7 speedy miles on the treadmill. I felt pretty strong…not much issue with my knee today.

Work was over before I knew it, thank gosh. I was excited to get the car magnets I had ordered in the mail:

IMG 3001

Gotta show some runners pride 🙂 I cant wait until the day I can put a 26.2 magnet on my car too.

Dinner was thrown together pretty quickly, I roasted some butternut squash:

IMG 3002

I was more in a snacky mood tonight, I grazed a little too much when I got home so I ended up just making myself a small cheese plate. It included a big chunk of brie from the wheel I picked up at costco over the weekend 😉

IMG 3003

IMG 3004

Dont you worry, you know I’m going to have some ice cream later on to round out my day.

Tell me…

If you are a runner, what intimidates you about running…or for those non-runners, what intimidates you physical fitness wise?

Do you have a favorite yogurt flavor?

Do you have any fun magnets or stickers on your car?