It was one of those mornings where I set my alarm clock earlier and woke up…and then fell right back asleep. I woke up 15 minutes later, cursing myself for not just dragging myself out of bed to begin with. I headed to the gym (late!) and did 10 minutes on the stairmaster and 50 minutes on the elliptical. I had a few minutes to squeeze in weight training…which sucked because I was hoping to get in 20 minutes, but my sleepyness ruined that plan. I decided to get in a couple of squats with a 10 pound weight. I was standing next to a pretty muscular guy who was also doing his own thing…after my first set he came up to me and introduced himself as a trainer and told me my form was completely wrong. I felt embarrassed but listened carefully to what he was explaining. He showed me the correct form and patiently helped me I was doing it perfectly. As soon as I finally understood, I could really feel the difference. Its hard to believe that i’ve been doing squats wrong this whole time. I realized I felt pretty humbled…sometimes I get defensive with trainers because I feel like I’d rather do things on my own since I’ve been working on my fitness for years now. I need to learn to let my guard down a little bit and realize I still have so many things to learn!

Needless to say, it was a rather educational morning 😉

I got to include my new favorite yogurt…today I topped it with cocoa roast almonds…mmm!

IMG 3009

Here’s a message to costco…can you please sell bulk sized cases of this stuff? I would buy it in a second!

I was too lazy to make my usual sandwich for lunch, so I had some organic tomato soup with mini club crackers:

IMG 3010

Looks gross, but it was delicious. Is it weird that I like to douse my soups in pepper?

I rounded it out with a mound of steamed veggies:

IMG 3011

How did I forget how good sugar snap peas are? Never again.

Kevin had off tonight and I talked him into a saladworks date…its devastating to pay so much for a salad but they are just too good.

IMG 3013

IMG 3014

He got sassy with a create your own salad and of course I had my buffalo chicken salad…i promise there is mounds of chicken buried in there somewhere.

We curled up on the couch to watch mad men dvds (we are finally almost done with season 4!) and since we are so in sync, we were both craving ice cream. Did you know that cones make ice cream 10 million times more delicious?

IMG 3005

IMG 3015

IMG 3017

IMG 3020

I had to jump on that ice cream flavor as soon as I saw it. Its just as delicious as it sounds. 20 calories for a fun colored cone? Sign us up!

Tell me…

Do you take constructive criticism well?

Whats a new flavor of ice cream you got excited over?

What was your workout today?