Despite going to bed at the grandma time of 9:30 last night, I still groaned when my alarm rang at 5:15 am this morning. I still managed to drag myself out of bed to the gym. I read the new issue of Runners World and some of Marie Claire on my iPad. What did I ever do before that invention? I did 15 minutes on the stairmaster and 45 minutes on the elliptical, followed by 25 minutes of arm and shoulder weight training. I felt good!

I decided it would be way to repetitive to take a picture of my breakfast (apple cinnamon chobani and nutella granola). I ran to the supermarket on my lunch break to pick up the workings of s salad to go with dinner. I also picked up a salad from the Shop-Rite salad bar. It looked delicious but it was a very weird combo of things…

IMG 3033

What was I thinking combining egg salad and seafood salad on this thing? It didnt do a great number on my stomach this afternoon.

I was excited because Kevin and I decided to heat up some leftovers from our meatball and sauce making on sunday. It made for a very easy heat-up dinner!

I wanted to try out this new kind of pasta…I’ve tried whole wheat pasta and havent liked it much but was hoping this one would be a little better to me:

IMG 3035

We had a sweet little set-up for dinner…We finally took down our christmas decorations (yes, weeks after) and our dining room was back in our existence!

IMG 3036

IMG 3037

IMG 3034

IMG 3038

IMG 3039

One of the major factors that I have found integral in weight loss and maintenance was learning portion sizes. I used to take huge plates and portions of everything and never had any regard for how much I should really be eating. Now, when I serve myself dinner I always use smaller plates. It helps to play mind tricks a little bit…smaller plates, and your portion looks much bigger! Would you even guess the above pictured plate was actually a salad plate? I ate my salad beforehand and then my smaller plate of food and I felt satisfied without ever feeling overstuffed. Thats really a great tool that i’ve found to aid in eating normally! 🙂

This week is flying by and I’m excited to sit back with my glass of wine and watch Jersey Shore…a terribly guilty pleasure of both me and Kevins!

Tell me…

What little tips do you have to help with portion sizing?

Do you like eating leftovers?

What guilty pleasure shows do you indulge in?