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Oh Happy Monday!

Despite having to come into work today, the day went by pretty quickly.

I decided to scour the internet in search of what could be plaguing my knee. Its the outside of my left knee that has been acting up. It doesnt flare up very much when i’m doing shorter runs (under 8 miles) but when I’ve gone on my long runs, I definitely begin to feel a tightness and aching feeling on the outside of my knee. I had read up on runners knee and it did not sound like what I was going through and then I stumbled uponΒ this article on runnersworld.com:

“Laura Kennelly had been running for several years before the pain hit. Two days after finishing her first marathon, she went off with her regular running group for an easy 5-miler. But after 2 miles, the outside of her leg began to hurt — big-time. “My leg just blew out. I stopped running and could barely walk,” she recalls. “I hobbled home in pain.”

Kennelly, a writer from Berea, Ohio, was suffering from iliotibial band syndrome, one of the most common overuse injuries among runners. Because the most notable symptom typically is swelling and pain on the outside of the knee, many runners mistakenly think they have a knee injury.Β 

But it’s not the knee, it’s the ligament that runs down the outside of the thigh from the hip to the shin. “When the band comes near the knee, it becomes narrow, and rubbing can occur between the band and the bone. This causes inflammation,” says Freddie H. Fu, M.D., a Pittsburgh orthopedic surgeon and chairman of the board of the Pittsburgh Marathon.Β 

ITB syndrome can result from any activity that causes the leg to turn inward repeatedly. This can include wearing worn-out shoes, running downhill or on banked surfaces, running too many track workouts in the same direction, or simply running too many miles. Unlike many overuse injuries, however, ITB pain afflicts seasoned runners almost as much as beginners”

My interest was piqued and I looked at many different articles and forums from people who have experienced this injury. It does sound like I have a mild case of it now…since I’m fine 90% of the time and this hasnt been going on for a very long time. In order to prevent it from getting any worse, I need to be more diligent in my recovery. I’m going to scale back in my mileage a little (no more 14-15 mile runs until I begin marathon training in a few months). I’m also going to ice after my runs and I ordered the following things from Road Runner sports today:



The first picture is an IT Band Compression Wrap. You can use it either when you are running or just anytime…but I read alot of reviews on it and people have raved about how their ITBS has stopped flaring up completely because of it. It’s worth a shot in my opinion. The 2nd item is a foam roller. I’ve been meaning to buy one for ages now and I’ve read alot from people about how foam rolling as helped them immensely through this injury. I’m going to be a foam rolling machine!

If anyone has any good online tutorials about how to get the most out of a foam roller, please pass it along!! πŸ™‚

In other news, my workout today was 7 miles easy. No issue flared up thankfully.

How sad is it that I was looking forward to coming home to my leftovers from yesterdays breakfast all day long?

IMG 3067

I smothered it in ketchup and it literrally made my day. Not the most nutritious dinner in the world, but I will be extra good tomorrow πŸ˜‰

I also had to try some of the new ice cream flavor me and Kev picked up yesterday:

IMG 3068

I was dubious at first since I’m so partial to the key lime pie gelato that I buy from time to time but the crust swirls in this ice cream were just phenomenal…if you like key lime pie, I would definitely give this one a whirl!

Time for me to catch up on Vampire Diaries, wishing everyone a great night!! ❀

Tell me…

Have you ever dealt with ITBS or known anyone who has? How was your recovery?

Are you a big fan of leftovers like I am?

How was your day?