Whats worse then monday? Oh right…when its a dreary, cold monday. I felt crappy as soon as I woke up. I ate too much crap yesterday and didnt hydrate nearly enough. I’ve been chugging down water like nobodys business today and I am still feeling dehydrated.

My goal for this week is to start really treating my body better..I need to fill it with nutritious, good things.

It really hit me when I went for my run today and I STRUGGLED. I trooped through but it was super tough šŸ˜¦ Despite how difficult it was, at least I got it complete. I didnt let my confidence in my abilities get shaken, I knew it was my own fault.

Lessons learned, thats what life is all about. Even years into my maintenance, I still struggle. The journey is never-ending. I’m ok with that though. Some days, some weeks, will be better and worse then others. Getting back on track is what matters.

Kevin made my day when he texted me while I was driving home from work that he was getting out of work early. YAY! Any time that we get to spend together is always good šŸ™‚

I had been thinking about dinner all day…me and Nina had gotten wings together on Saturday and I still had a few left. Obviously I’m on a good nutritional track today…I promise the rest of my day was healthy, haha.

IMG 3126

The cats were being uncharacteristically cute, they totally love cuddling together:

IMG 3122

Nina had bought her dog over this weekend and brought her little dog bed as well. Guess who completely stole it? The cats couldnt get enough of it…even Kevin said we need to get them a cat bed now. It would solve the problem of them lounging all over the kitchen chairs and me subsequently having to de-fuzz them. It isnt bad now but in the summer…omaiga.

And just because I’m pet obsessed, I have to include at least one picture of Nacho:

IMG 3127


He’s in love with that pink toy, its incredibly mascuilne.

This girl is going to get to bed soon, she has an early workout on the agenda!

Tell me…

How do you motivate yourself to get back on track?

What was your workout today?

What did you have for dinner tonight?