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Yesterday morning started off like any Saturday morning…I was even more psyched since it had been two weeks since my last outdoor run and it was beautiful, clear blue skies.

A weird little thing I love..when its so cold outside that by the time I pull these out of my pocket they are frozen πŸ™‚

IMG 3162

Its like frozen Hawaiian punch!

It was my first time trying out my IT band compression wrap over my tights too:

IMG 3163

Please excuse the mess on my floor and Nachos behind eating breakfast πŸ˜‰

The run was…eh. I realized after the first 5 miles that I was really dehydrated and my head felt so heavy. I stopped at Walgreens and chugged down half a bottle of G2 and felt a TON better. and then the inevitable happened…I tripped over a bump in the sidewalk on main st and fell on my hip and my hands broke my fall..I scraped the crap out of my hands and bruised my leg but if I had been wearing shorts it couldve been ALOT worse. I was 7 miles in and debated turning back home…I decided to walk it off a little and see how I felt. My left hand was cut up and bleeding but I knew there was a pharmacy coming up that I could stop at so thats exactly what I ended up doing. I washed out my cuts and makeshift bandaged my hand and finished up the last 5 miles. I am going to save you the horror of showing you the picture of my cuts but ugh..its pain and annoying. I hate how I cant get through a year without falling somehow during my runs..luckily the past 2 falls have been in the winter and without shorts but the first fall I ever took was…really nasty because of a shorts situation. Thank gosh for tights.

I had to rush around a bit when I got home..I had a hair appointment to get my hair colored and trimmed. I’m trying to grow it out for the first time since I was a child and I need to keep up with my trimmings. Luckily, my mom’s cousin generously offered to make an appointment for me at one of her salons and I took the drive down with Nina πŸ™‚ It came out awesome!

IMG 3164

I’m curious to see how long I can grow it…when I was little, I was able to grow it down to my butt!

Dinner was had with my cousin, my sister and our friend at a diner…I had a salad that was about 10 pounds of food, I didnt mind at all:

IMG 3165

Perfect post-run and post-fall dinner πŸ™‚

A perfect way to end my saturday night? Finally opening the game of Life…I havent played the game in forever and I was excited!

IMG 3167

Okay, so maybe the game was a little more intensive and depressing then I remember…I became a journalist and made a measly 24,000 a year while my sister became a doctor and made 50,000. My cousin went the business route and ended up making over 2 million by the end of the game. whaaaattt?

This sunday is dedicated to resting completely. I woke up with my hip really sore and my hands all scabbed up. Falling flat on my face is always a humbling experience…I guess we all need one of those once in a while. I hope you all are having a great weekend!

Tell me…

What was the last board game you played?

Do you keep up with regular hair trims?

Have you ever taken a bad fall during a run, or any workout for that matter?