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Today is a very special day everyone!

I’d like to take this time to say Happy 50th Birthday to my wonderful father, whom we like to lovingly call Papa Melendez:

IMG 1201

Here’s to a man who loves his family more then anything else…

IMG 1588

IMG 1823

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To a man who has infectious laughter…and who turned “oh my god” into “omaigaaa…”

IMG 0920

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To a man who just loves to dance every chance that he gets..

IMG 1225

IMG 1632

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To a man who lets me have themed birthday parties and is endlessly amused by them…even if they involve beer in a boot or him wearing a tuxedo t-shirt for an 80s prom party (case in point above)

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To a man who is actually not a bad beer pong partner at all..

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To a man who is a great friend..and whom all my friends absolutely adore:

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IMG 1747

To a man who has supported me in an infinite number of ways…whether teaching me to ride a bike…supporting my college education…or supporting every race i’ve been a part of:

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IMG 1034

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Happy Birthday Dad! I love you more then words can ever say. You are my best friend and I need you around for at least another 50 years okay?

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And, on a completely unrelated note…

Chicago Marathon Logo


Come October 7th, I will be running my first 26.2 miles…I cant wait to share my experiences in training and the actual marathon with you guys…I’m sure it will be quite a ride!

Hope your hump day went by quickly like mine! 🙂