I got to actually sleep in this morning and ohhhh did it feel good.

You know its bad when you are ridiculously appreciative of getting to “sleep-in” until 7:20 am πŸ˜‰

Do you know what the most incredible thermos of coffee contains?

IMG 3203

IMG 3204

Why is that every time someone asks me what my favorite candy is I say reeses peanut butter cups? What I really mean to say is Almond Joy all the way baby!!

Todays breakfast included a banana and I decided to take a chance on a new Luna bar:

IMG 3189

I used to eat Luna bars all the time but I havent eaten one in a while so this felt like a blast from the past. Is it just me or is anyone a little grossed out by how the frosting tastes on some of these things? It kind of tastes…artificial. I do like some Luna bars..this one was a toss up. I think they are awesome when you are just trying to pack in a nutritional snack or part of a meal but I’m not sure about eating them all the time…hmmm.

Todays workout included 5 speedy miles during my lunch break.

I’ve had some people ask me how I can work out during lunch without smelling disgusting afterwards. They do have showers at work but I figure if I’m only going to be at work for like, 3 hours after my workout anyways, then why not just wait until I get home to shower?

So here are the necessities I pack in my gym bag:

IMG 3192

I need deodorant obviously..

IMG 3194

These things are a serious lifesaver. I use them to wipe my makeup off and I freshen up and wipe myself down with them after my workouts as well:

IMG 3196

I also keep body spray on me at all times..I give my hair and myself a spritz with it:

IMG 3197

Bath and Body works in case you are wondering πŸ™‚

I also keep clean headbands and a brush in my bag as well:

IMG 3198

My hair does get a little sweaty so I clip it up after I’ve brushed it out:

IMG 3202

Ok, and I realize i’ve probably completely grossed people out on how I trick people into thinking I dont smell, but hey…if it means getting a workout in during the day, I’m all for it.

My run today went wonderfully…no IT band problems, HOORAH!

Did I tell you guys i’m obsessed with grapes lately? Thanks for the ideaΒ Janae πŸ˜‰ Yesterday I paired it with cottage cheese, today they were delicious all by their lonesome:

IMG 3190

I dont know about you guys but I cannot wait until summer…cherry season is my favorite and I cant wait to eat POUNDS of em!

I convinced Kevin to stop by saladworks for dinner. I cant get enough of my overpriced salads!

IMG 3191

That buffalo chicken salad was inhaled in approx 5.5 minutes. Kevin impressed me by eating just as quickly…wowza, he’s learning that if he eats quicker, the chances of me eating off his plate lower…smart smart boy.

I’m forcing myself at 5:20 am tomorrow for the first friday in a while…gotta get my booty to a spinning class again finally. Have a great Thursday night everyone!

Tell me…

What are your gym bag necessities?

Do you like Luna bars? Whats your favorite flavor?

What fruit season do you look forward to?