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Its never fun to wake up at 5:20 am on a Friday. I like to trick myself into thinking its a blast, but its really not. I lie to myself pretty well. Despite my complaints, I really love spinning, so I never regret waking up when i’m done with the workout. But the whole getting to bed early on Thursday, rolling out of bed so early on Friday and driving to the gym thing…yeah, it sucks. 😉 Spinning kicked my butt in the best way this morning and playlist was rockin so I had a blast, even though it wasnt my favorite instructor teaching, his sub did a decent job! I followed it up with 20 minutes of arm, chest and shoulder weight training.

I didnt run today but I’m trying to get into the habit of foam rolling daily so thats exactly what I did as soon as I got home. I know foam rolling is great for you…but ugh, does it take some getting used to. Its still a bit painful for me.

Last night, I had went to my local running store because I’ve been running in the Brooks Adrenaline 12 and I REALLY havent been liking them. When they updated the shoe, they made it alot stiffer and it has not made for the most comfortable of rides. Worse yet, I didnt start having my IT band problems until I was using this shoe. Because i’m a VIP program member there, they have a crazy awesome 90 day return policy so I decided to finally exchange them. I also felt like I might need new custom inserts so I brought my old ones with me to show them.

As I chatted up with the sales clerk about whether I should go for the stability Mizuno Wave Inspire 8 or the neutral Mizuno Wave Rider, we started talking about the injuries that had been plaguing me. I told him how when my feet were originally analyzed, I was suggested a neutral shoe and thats what I ran in for almost two years. I ran two half marathons in neutral shoes, but during training for the second one, I started having an issue with the top of my left foot. It felt like my foot was going to break in half on top, I couldnt even explain it, but it was painful and annoying. I’m shocked I was able to even run my second half as fast as I did with that issue plaguing me. After my second half, I went back to the running store and told them what was going on and they analyzed my foot again. The salesperson at the time had recommended I switch over to a stability shoe instead and buy custom inserts to help as well. That issue went away and so, I never thought anything of it. I’ve been running in stability shoes for a year and a half now and that issue has never popped up again but now i’m dealing with ITBS and Plantar Fasciitis. He asked to take a look at my insoles since I had no idea what kind of striker I am. He took one look at them and he said…wow, serious forefoot striker.

This is the whole insert, see the deep imprint on the front?

IMG 3219

IMG 3217

IMG 3220

See how the front is completely worn in but the heel is barely touched?

He explained to me that I should really try wearing the stability shoes without the inserts and see how I feel. He thinks the inserts might be overstabilizing me and therefore…could be contributing to the ITBS.

He definitely suggested sticking with the stability shoe for now. If I dont feel that works, I can also experiment with possibly trying a neutral shoe with a custom insert. I’m a little nervous, but tomorrow for my long run, I will run for the first time in a year and a half with no custom inserts…fingers crossed that I might have possibly discovered the root of my ITBS flare up!!

I went with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 8’s!

IMG 3215

Mizuno is one on the list that I’ve never went with before and I’m amazed by how light they feel compared to the Brooks. I thought I was a Brooks girl since out of all of the brands I’ve tried (Nike, Saucony, Asics) they have always been my favorite. Its a shame that I hate the new Adrenaline model so much…hopefully whenever the 13 comes out, they will have reverted back to the older style.  I’m excited to run in these tomorrow! Wish me Luck!

In other news, I had a wonderful lunch with my Outside Sales Rep today (who is also a dear friend of mine) and she had some wonderful news to share with me. I’m not going to say anything just yet, but it will definitely be an interesting year for the both of us. I’ll reveal eventually!

I didnt want to seem like a complete psycho taking pics over lunch and since I was so into the conversation, I kind of forgot anyways 🙂 Just know that we shared a chopped salad and some fried zucchini and I had salmon with spinach.  But I did have a little of the chopped salad leftover and it was an awesome snack later on!

IMG 3205

This chopped salad is probably one of my favoritest salads in the world…even though its not super healthy. it has crispy bits of proscuitto, blue cheese crumbles, house dressing, tomatoes and avocado. SOOO GOOD!

I wasnt that hungry for dinner, I just ended up throwing together english muffin pizza 😉

IMG 3223

And darn you thin mints, for always being so tempting!

IMG 3222

Perfect carb loading fuel right?

Hope everyone is having a great friday! We’re having a dinner for my Dad’s birthday tomorrow night, I cant wait! It should be a great weekend 🙂

Tell me…

Have you ever gotten your foot analyzed before? What kind of shoe do you need to wear?

Whats your favorite girl scout cookie?

Any good plans for the weekend?