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I’m a total space cadet….guess why? Cinnamon over at eatPRAYtri tagged me in this survey days ago and I didnt realize it until yesterday, whoops!

Well I’m also a sucker for surveys and since I’ve been so amused reading alot of bloggers posts with this survey, I’m happy to do it myself as well!

The rules are you tell 11 things about yourself, then you answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who tagged you…then you think of 11 questions to ask yourself. Lets get to it, shall we?

11.) I bought a sweet Fender Squire bass with an amp years ago during my super obsession with Fall Out Boy…had every intention of learning to play and then didnt.

yeahhhh so now it sits in my guest room, collecting dust. I really need to either learn to play it or sell it!

IMG 3269

10.) I have a sister that is 8 years younger then me but she’s one of my best friends.

IMG 0662

(Hot and sweaty day at the Bamboozle festival, dont mess)

Thats not to say we always got along perfectly. We didnt become close until we both grew up a bit, but now she’s one of my favoritest people in the world. She’s one of the people I spend the most time with! (and I wouldnt have it any other way)

9.) I own two cats, but i’m not really a cat person…

IMG 2686

In my defense, I do love them. But they are insane and a complete nuisance (They tear apart everything, try to eat everything, constantly get into trouble). They have pretty much convinced me that I will never own another cat again. Cats are really rambunctious during their first 5 years and generally get lazy after that so i’m counting down the days…I hope I dont sound like a terrible person, but rest assured, I take VERY good care of them. They are happy cats, i’m just not that happy of an owner 😉

8.) I am really scared of heights..and not the biggest fan of amusement parks.

I can handle roller coasters because I can close my eyes the whole time and it goes by quickly. But there is one ride I DESPISE

Hong Kong World Carnival 2006 1

UGH, I shudder thinking about it. Who finds it enjoyable to sit that far up on a slow moving ride? Its beyond me.

7.) I have two piercings currently, a monroe and a tongue piercing. In college I also had an eyebrow piercing and a vertical labret. oh…and crazy hair.

IMG 1794

That little diamond stud above my lip, yep, thats my monroe 🙂


L 1

HAHA old school. my eyebrow got infected so I took it out and the vertical labret came out when I had to go for job interviews. Luckily enough, there was minimal scarring!

6.) I joke around about being a hipster, but I really dont think I can be labelled.

Yes, I have ray-bans and I love my converses…but I also love my betsey johnson shoes and I own a bunch of coach bags. I also have had an obsession with Britney Spears since I was 14. I dont really care for labels, I’m just me and thats it.

5.) I’m obsessed with music and love listening to all kinds of new artists and bands all the time. I barely listen to the radio, if at all.

Current obsessions include Florence and the Machine, Black Keys, Foster the People, Iron and Wine, Rihanna and always anything by Say Anything.

4.) I have a super obsession with Hello Kitty. I will be one of those weirdos when I’m 60, still rocking my hello kitty stuff.

Throw your hands in the air, if you just dont care!

3.) I love listening to vinyl and hope to keep my collection going forever.

Ive only been collecting for a few years, but I love shopping for vinyl and I love just relaxing with my record player…sooo good.

2.) I have an addiction to gum, cant live without it.

I always have a pack in my purse and I buy cases of gum from costco for work. Im chewing on gum right now. It helps to keep me from mindless snacking. Im one of those people who eat when they are bored!

1.) I rarely step out of the house without makeup

Now, I dont wear makeup to the gym or when running, thats just silly…well maybe except for chapstick. Otherwise, you will always see me with at least blush and eyeliner on!

And now for Cinnamon’s questions for me:

1) If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Definitely Japan. I know alot of people say places in Europe, but I really am more interested in the countries in Asia.

2) If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?
Makeup artist, hands down. I love doing makeup, but never tried going to beauty school to actually do it 😦
3) What got you into blogging?
I stumbled upon Janae’s (HungryRunnerGirl) blog and got in touch with her. I did a guest post for her back in September and was strongly encouraged to pursue my own blog…and so here I am!
4) Do you prefer movies in the theater or at home?
This is a hard one…I’m gonna say in the theatre but only because I’m a complete sucker for movie theatre popcorn 🙂
5) What is your favorite color?
6) What does a typical Tuesday night look like at your house?
Kevin actually has off that night so typically I will get home and we will cook dinner and watch tv and just chill together. I love it!
7) What is your favorite childhood memory?
Spending time with my Dad, he’s the one that took care of us alot when we were growing up since my mom worked weird hours. He would do alot of different things with us. One of my favorite ones is of him teaching him and my brother to ride bikes in the school parking lot and then helping us catch fireflies as it got dark..that memory always sticks out to me quite fondly.
8) What is your favorite nut butter?
Peanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams!
9) Do you sleep with or without the covers?
With for half the night and without for the other half, when it gets too hot!
10) What time do you get up in the morning?
Depends, usually 5:20 am recently to workout, I never sleep much later then 8 am, even on my days off.
11) Name one thing you have always wanted to do and just haven’t done yet.
Run a marathon! I will finally do it this October!
Most of the bloggers I read have already done this survey so I’m not going to tag anyone, but hey, feel free to answer any of these questions in the comments section or on your own blog!!
And now for the winner of my giveaway…
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Screen shot 2012 02 08 at 7 04 24 PM

I’m ridiculously amused that Ali over at Running with Spatulas has won the Spatula! 😉 Ali, email me your address so I can mail this out to you!!!

Happy Hump Day everyone!

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